Xbox360 Wireless Controller for Windows

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 27.02.2007
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Game console related
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2006 was the year for manufacturers to 'invent' new gaming products. Now in 2007, Microsoft has released one of the most recognizable gaming oriented devices, so there's no need to even use the word 'gaming' in the title. They call it simply; 'Xbox360 Wireless Controller for Windows'. It seems that Microsoft is trusting this product so much, that there's no need to use exaggerated adjectives in the title. To put it short, this is wireless Xbox 360 controller to be used with PC or Xbox 360.



I'm not interested in packages. This one was hard to open, but it doesn't matter unless you open those hundreds every day.



Main part of this product is naturally the controller itself. It ships with USB-receiver/transmitter, driver CD, manual and batteries. Manual shows easy steps how to setup the pad. Insert the supplied cd, click 'next' couple of times, nothing special here. Insert batteries and connect receiver to the computer. Press 'Xbox Guide' button on the controller and it's all set. Person who couldn't handle this, would have already given up using this product on the 'opening of the package' phase :) If you are suspicious about normal batteries and how long they'll last, Microsoft has made a rechargeable battery kit available for more hardcore users. To be honest, I don't think that it would have been too expensive to include a charger and a proper rechargeable batteries with this - not the cheapest controller around.

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