XFX GTX 280 XXX Edition

New king on the killing fields!
Model: GX-280N-ZDD9
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 01.07.2008
Manufacturer: XFXForce
Product Group: Graphics cards
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Graphics "war" is getting ever more interesting. When talking about gaming, there are only two companies battling for dominance. Raw pixel pushing power has been enough to device the winner but things are changing.

This time we will show you a graphics card that has evolved to be something more than its forefathers. Sure, the pixel pushing ability is still there and benchmarks will show that clearly but what more can a graphics card do? Up till now, nothing much but this is about to change...

GTX 280



You may have heard about this wonder chip but for many of us, the feature set it holds was unknown up till the release day. We will discuss the inner workings of this chip bit more on further pages and if I'm correct, the new features will justify a set of dedicated articles in the near future.

XFX provided us with the first sample and we are excited to introduce this new technology with their support. The card is based on the reference design so the review should be relevant to any other GTX 280 product out there at the moment. Clock rates will differ a bit as this is XFX's XXX edition, that is factory overclocked from the stock product.




Bundle doesn't hold anything that surprising. A Driver CD, power adapter cable, dvi->vga adapter, quick start papers, SPDIF cable and cable for component video. Perhaps the most exciting item is the full Assassins Creed. For once there is a game bundled that could even get installed and played by someone.

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