Xmod UV reactive Molexes & Pin Extractors

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 14.12.2003
Manufacturer: Xmod International Inc.
Product group: Modding

Xmod is a relatively new company from Taiwan. Their product lineup doesn't contain that many items yet but hopefully this will change in the near future. When we got contacted by them it didn't take us long to agree to review some of their products. New manufacturers are always welcomed and if they have something new and perhaps something unique to offer the better. In this review I will be presenting their UV reactive Molex connectors and a handy tool that can be used to change them.


From Xmod

We received a nice bundle of different colors in both male and female molexes. From here you can see the premade packages that hold six molex connectors. This should be enough for most projects because even if your power supply can have more molexes than this, it is most likely that not all of them are visible.

Many colors to choose from

In UV light

As you can see there are difference between some colors and molexes on how well they react with UV light. You should be able to find suitable color to any theme from here and it is great to see that Xmod included all these color variations to their product lineup from the start.


To make our life easier when changing the molexes, Xmod offers these handy Extractor Tools. There are separate models for Male and Female connetors because the size of the pins is different depending on the gender.

Operating the extractor is really easy. Just place the extractor over the pin you want to release, push the tool to the bottom of the molex and press the plunger. I will demonstrate this more closely on the next page.

Male & Female

Because the general idea is to replace those old white molexes with these, the connectors are just plastic housings. No pins are included.


You may have noticed this strange looking outline on previous images. The design of the connectors is pretty unique and something that will hopefully get adopted by power supply manufacturers. Regular molex connectors get stuck pretty easily, at least when they are new or if they aren't connected/removed very often. To make the removal of the connector from the device easier the molex has two of these bent plastic slips. Procedure is as follows:

  • 1. Apply pressure from both sides
  • 2. Slips will move forward, pressing against the device's molex
  • 3. Molex will slide backwards and detach from the device's molex

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