3D Thumb Screws

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 15.08.2004
Manufacturer: Xmod
Product group: Modding

Modding was born when people were starting to cut holes to their computer cases for improved ventilation. Back then the aim was to make the system more reliable and usefull. Today we are focusing more and more towards the appearance and "the cool factor". That is not necessarily a bad thing because we people tend to be attracted towards beauty. To help you on your quest for prettier system, we today review a full range of 3D Thumb Screws from Xmod. By adding this kind of small details to your case will improve the overall appearance of the setup and possibbly make it more accessible because of toolless operation of the screws.



11 different designs


11 different designs

Xmod offers eleven different designs to choose from. Some designs are horizontal and others vertical against the flat side of the case. Themes vary from pirates to skulls and symbols.

Every set contains four thumb screws. This should be enough for majority of cases because most systems have the side panels attached with a help of two screws each. Casted metal feels quite solid even though it is not comparable with steel or some other hard materials. It should provide enough strength to tighten the screws properly and we didn't have any problems with the screws in our tests. Nevertheless, word of caution; When installed, you should be carefull not to apply too much stress to the screws because the designs that reach out further from the case can get damaged. For example when you move the case around and the screws hit the wall.

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