Zowie AM Gaming Mouse

Author: Lauri 'lauri_lr' Rahtu
Published: 29.04.2012
Manufacturer: Zowie
Product Group: Mice
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Zowie AM


Zowie AM Gaming Mouse -

Zowie AM's design is very simplified, and there are only five buttons in the mouse; left and right mouse buttons, scroll and two thumb buttons. The surface of AM is finished with soft-touch material, and in fact the mouse feels very comfortable. AM is also ambidextrous, so it is symmetrical.

The scroll wheel is using an optical encoder instead of mechanical system, and that is supposed to expand the lifespan of AM.




Zowie AM Gaming Mouse -

Also on the right side of AM there are thumb buttons, so actually there are seven buttons in the mouse, of which five are working simultaneously. The thumb buttons on the right side are for left handed users.

The mode is switched without drivers. If you want to use Zowie AM with right hind, press and hold right mouse button and scroll button and simultaneously plug the USB. For left hand mode you have to press left mouse button and scroll.




Zowie AM Gaming Mouse -

At the bottom there are two large sliding pads, a sticker with specifications, a DPI switch and the optical sensor. The sensor is located exactly at the middle of the bottom, and it has a special custom-designed lens for a very low lift-off distance (1.5mm - 1.8mm). The sensor's model is ADNS-3090, which is supposed to be the best optical sensor that is completely prediction-free. This is probably the biggest single factor for gamers.

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