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i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 
The Ivy Bridge represents the “Tick”-phase in Intel’s development road-plan, and is basically an upgraded version of Sandy Bridge. It still packs some important upgrades so let us see how it fairs against the competition.
i7-3770K Ivy Bridge
AMD FX-8150 CPU 
The Bulldozer has to be one of the most anticipated PC hardware launches of recent times, and now, after being "just around the corner" for ages, it's finally here! Now testing the flagship of the 8 core lineup - the FX-8150!
AMD A8 3850 A-series APU 
Recently we have reviewed quite a few Athlon and Phenom CPUs. It is always exciting to receive new hardware but we feel that these latest variations have been lacking on the innovation side of things. The new A-series APU changes all that!
AMD A8 3850  A-series APU
AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition 
AMD is going to launch a new platform later this year, but until the Bulldozer becomes reality, we're still keeping an eye on the current AM3-range of Phenom processors. AMD has been steadily creeping up the clock speeds of the Phenoms, and now the pinnacle of the quad core family is the new Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition. Let us see how it performs.
AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition
AMD 1100T Black Edition 
Yet another speed upgrade from AMD. This time we take a closer look at AMD's new CPU flagship model, the 1100T Black Edition. In this review we also feature 1075T and the latest X4 Phenom II, the 970BE.
AMD 1100T Black Edition
AMD CPU Update 
The CPUs included in the review are the Phenom 2 X2 555 BE C3, which is the highest performing dual core from the current range, as well as three CPUs from the Athlon range: X4 635, X3 440 and X2 255.
AMD CPU Update
AMD Phenom II 965BE C3 
In our first CPU review in a long while we'll take a look at the AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 Black Edition. Now the 965BE has been out for a while already, but Nov 4th AMD launched a new version of the chip, now using the C3 stepping.
AMD Phenom II 965BE C3
Intel P4 2.4C 
In-depth review of this great overclocker. Three separate CPUs and how they managed to overclock.
Intel P4 2.4C

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My wooden toy boat :D

Please vote!Tytllni oli vain yksi joululahjatoive vuoden 2008 jouluna, oma tietokone. Hnen synttrit on tosi lhell joulua joten ptin antaa hieman extraa ja palauttaa mieliin 15 vuotta sitten kiinnostuksena olleet modaukset. Suurena Hello Kitty fanina tytt saisi siihen aiheeseen kuuluvan laitteiston. Markkinoilta sellaista ei saisi joten... Marraskuussa 2008 hankin laiteiston osat ja aloitin projektin. Pari kymment autotalli iltaa nyhvsin parikin mallia ja pdyin thn. Selke, helppohoitoista ja nyttv. Vain yhden osan teetin muualla eli nimen heidi paneelin. Tarkoituksena on vrjt mys se ja kaivertaa teksti paneelin lpi ja johtaa siihen viel valo takaa. Viel sit en ole tehnyt kun tytt oli tyytyvinen. Hnen kaverit on kyneet monesti kuolaamassa ja yhden tytn vanhemmat ottivat yhteytt tilatakseen omalleen mys ensi jouluksi... saas nhd. Jotain on pakko tehd kun krpnen taas iski ja on tuota valuuttaa enemmn kytss kun nuorempana. 
My daughter had only one wish for the 2008 Christmas gift,own computer. His birthday is really close to Christmas, so I decided to give a little extra and recalls 15 years ago were of interest in mod. Heidi is a big Hello Kitty fan. I think that there is no shopping possibility to purchase a ready one.  ... In November 2008, i acquired parts of the hardware issues, and I started the project. About twenty lonely garage evening i build couple of models. Clear, easy-care and the lot of hello kitty colors. Only one element is from produced elsewhere, the "Heidi" panel. The aim is to dye it and also to engrave text and lead the paneltext "heidi" on backlight. Yet I have not done yet because the girl was happy just way it is. His friends have often become drooling and one girl's parents took us to order their own, also a first for Christmas. 
Specs are:
Asus P5E, Intel q9450, 1Tb Seagate HDD,4gb kingston hyperX,2* club3d radeon 4870, Antec 800W, Noctua cooler,LG H20L Bluray RW,Samsung DVD-RW,32in1 memorystation,Hello Kitty speakers(Toshiba,japan), Hello Kitty keyboard and mouse(Sanrio, China)
Room for clothes, budget <100 euros.The DIY projector in use. The projected picture is about 78" (~200cm) diagonal.

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