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Blue Yeti 
Yeti may be old in terms of its age but why change something that keeps on going and offers what the gamers, streamers, music performers and such need!
Blue Yeti
Corsair Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 USB Gaming Headset 
Corsair's Vengeance lineup not only contain keyboards and mice but also headsets for gamers. This time we take a closer look at the Vengeance 1500, that offers 7.1 surround sound via the USB port.
Corsair Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 USB Gaming Headset
Tritton PC510HDA 5.1 Headset 
This time we will take a closer look at a gaming headset from Tritton - an American manufacturer established in 2000. The new model they sent us for a review is PC 510 HDA, and it's a gaming headset of the 5.1-variety. Now lets see how it compares to the audio gear we've reviewed earlier.
Tritton PC510HDA 5.1 Headset
Roccat Kulo 
There are a lot of stereo gaming headsets to choose from. Roccat is no stranger when talk turns to gaming gear and now they have introduced a new headset to give you an edge when gaming - Kulo. Let us see how the newcomer measures against the old dogs.
Roccat Kulo
Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker System 
Corsair entered the speaker markets with two models - SP2200 and SP2500. We already reviewed the SP2200 model, and while it was a good competitor at the popular $100 price range, we found ourselves wanting a bit more...
Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker System
Corsair SP2200 2.1 PC Speaker System 
Just a while back we reviewed the Corsair HS1A headset, which proved to be an excellent entry to the new market of gaming headsets. Now Corsair has already launched two sets of speakers, and we just had to find out if they're as successful as the headset. First up - the SP2200!
Corsair SP2200 2.1 PC Speaker System
Corsair HS1A Gaming Headset 
Many of us know Corsair from their high quality memory products and power supplies. Now they have entered the audio product market, so let us take a look at their latest headset for gamers - The HS1A!
Corsair HS1A Gaming Headset
Gaming Headsets
Arctic vs Razer
When it comes to gaming peripheral, it tends to be the mice and keyboards that get most of our attention. The audio side of things, however, is also very important for the overall gaming experience, and this time we decided to have a look at two gaming headsets - Arctic Sound P531 and Razer Banshee.
Gaming Headsets<br>Arctic vs Razer
Logitech Squeezebox Touch 
Logitech has wide range of network music players in their Squeezebox family. This time we are taking a look at touchscreen-equipped Squeezebox Touch.
Logitech Squeezebox Touch
Mionix Keid 20 
The names for Mionix products are borrowed from visible stars on the sky, so lets dive in and see if that's enough to keep their products "light-years ahead of the game" as they state on their site.
Mionix Keid 20
Sweex MM220 Wi-Fi Internet Radio 
Most modern homes are equipped with wireless LAN and Sweex utilizes this fact in their latest product - a small and stylish internet radio, the MM220.
  	 Sweex MM220 Wi-Fi Internet Radio
Roccat Vire Mobile Gaming Headset 
Gaming earphones, you say? When will this gaming madness ever end? If those were your first thoughts, I can't really blame you, because I for one thought exactly the same...
Roccat Vire Mobile Gaming Headset
Creative HS-1200 Wireless Headset 
Wireless really is one of the buzz-words in the business at the moment. It seems like anything wireless is cool nowadays. Sure wireless hardware will cut down on the cable-clutter that we often find on our desks, but will this come without a cost?
Creative HS-1200 Wireless Headset
Steelseries Siberia Full-Size Headset 
The Siberia Full-Size Headset really is the original headset that was released by Icemat back in 2005. The only thing that has changed during these years is the logo, but why should you change a prefectly good product?

Steelseries Siberia Full-Size Headset
Steelseries Siberia Neckband 
In 2007 we saw Steelseries acquiring Icemat which brought the Siberia-brand to Steelseries. The Siberia Neckband headphones carry on the legacy from the Icemat Siberia headphones. Let us see if they're worthy.
Steelseries Siberia Neckband
Yamada H8420 5.1 Speaker set 
5.1 Speaker set with a low price tag.
Yamada H8420 5.1 Speaker set

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