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Roccat Tusko - Flatscreen Bag 
Nowadays the market is flooded by gaming mice, keyboards and such, but what really hasn't been touched yet is LAN party equipment. Gamers attend parties all around the world with their own computers, but no one has made a breakthrough in easing the job of getting your gear there.
Roccat Tusko - Flatscreen Bag
Aiptek PocketCinema V10 
Projectors are nothing new but the ones that you could carry inside your pockets are. Aiptek is one of the first to introduce this new technology that utilizes LED light to shrink the dimensions of the projector.
Aiptek PocketCinema V10
Gefen USB To DVI 
Up till now the easiest way to increase the amount of displays was to connect more display adapters to the computer. This may not be possible or cost effective in every situation so Gefen went out and added this new USB to DVI Adapter to their product lineup. This might change our way of dealing with multiple monitors.
Gefen USB To DVI
Matrix Orbital MX610 
Display module that is based on PLED technology.
Matrix Orbital MX610
Trust Combi TV-PC Pop View 
Watch TV full screen on your monitor - even without PC.
Trust Combi TV-PC Pop View

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95% finished.Breezebad josta on tarkempia tietoja mod galleryssä.
Mahogany and aluminum fanless mini-ITX case.My robot project. So far it only has two separate collision detectors but I'm working on IR proximity sensors to avoid collisions. That unconnected 6-wire cord in the ATmega board is the programming cable that I forgot to take away. :)
* Body: plywood (I'll make a new body as soon as I find a better material, but for now the plywood is good enough for this kind of prototyping), diameter of the plywood disc is 12cm and the overall height of the robot is about 10cm
* Brain: Atmel ATmega8 AVR microcontroller (32 pin TQFP one with a self made pcb) with a 4MHz crystal
* Programming language: C
* Motor controller: SN754410 (1 Amp Quadruple H-Bridge), you can see the corner of the control board on the front, below the top part
* Motors: two small (2cm long, 2cm diameter) gear motors I got from a friend, no idea where they have been used before but the robot runs nicely with the Lego wheels attached straight to the motors (about 12cm per second so no new land speed records yet)
* Power: 4xAA cells for the motors and 9V battery for other electronics

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