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Caterpillar B15Q Smartphone 
Being waterproof and being able to shrug off drops from 1.8 meters, this device is truly a rugged one. Also included are the latest Android OS and good looks. Do we have a winner on our hands?
Caterpillar B15Q Smartphone
Walkera QR Ladybird V2 (RTF) 
Walkera Ladybird V2 model offers a toy like price but includes all the features that a larger model would have. Let us see if this is the next gadget you just need to buy!
Walkera QR Ladybird V2 (RTF)
UDIRC U816 Microquad UFO Updated: 28.10.2012
Radio controlled cars are nice but why not take the play to the air?! Multirotor copters are the latest hit and this new model from UDIRC is the cheapest way to experience it!
UDIRC U816 Microquad UFO
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 
The CoD series has been around for a long while already, but it was the last game in the series, Modern Warfare, that really struck gold and made the game mainstream. It was also the first game in the series to take place in a modern day setting, now the Modern Warfare 2 is offering more of the same - lets see if it manages to do it as well as the original MW did.
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
ATP PhotoFinder Mini 
With digital photographing coming more and more popular hobby all the time, people often also find themselves asking "how on earth am I going to keep all these files organized and just HOW am I going to find the holiday shot I'm looking for?". There are a number of methods to keeping your photos organized, but one thing that helps, especially with travelling and holiday photos is to have them placed on a map.
ATP PhotoFinder Mini
Camera Armor 
For many people, the camera is regarded as a tool for the photographer in the same way that a hammer is a tool for a carpenter. You use it to take pictures and no emotions attached. The guys at Made Products have most probably anticipated this concern and they have come up with a product called Camera Armor, addressing just this.
Camera Armor
Xbox360 Wireless Controller for Windows 
2006 was the year for manufacturers to 'invent' new gaming products. Now in 2007, Microsoft has released one of the most recognizable gaming oriented devices, so there's no need to even use the word 'gaming' in the title.
Xbox360 Wireless Controller for Windows
Wiinja v2.0 - Updated ModChip for Nintendo Wii 
It has been only days since we reviewed the v1.0 of the Wiinja - Modchip that allows one to play Nintendo Wii and GameCube backups on Nintendo Wii game console. This time we will focus on the v1.1 and its new features and fixes.
Wiinja v2.0 - Updated ModChip for Nintendo Wii
Wiinja - ModChip for Nintendo Wii 
For Nintendo, the Wii gaming console has been a huge success. Same thing happened with Nintendo DS and it is still selling very well. Popular or not, these two gaming systems share one thing with rest of the consoles; there are modchips and other ways on getting them do more than the manufacturer designed them to do. In this multipart series we'll be looking into different ModChips available for Wii.
Wiinja - ModChip for Nintendo Wii
Xbox Modchip SmartXX V2 & XboxMediaCenter 
Unleash the power of your Xbox with these goodies.
Xbox Modchip SmartXX V2 & XboxMediaCenter
Casebuy USB Vacuum Cleaner 
Remove dust with this small vacuum cleaner.
Casebuy USB Vacuum Cleaner
Concord Eye-Q 5330z 
5 Megapixel digital camera with powerfull macro.
Concord Eye-Q 5330z
Nokia 6610 Mobile Phone 
Mobile phone with more traditional look.
Nokia 6610 Mobile Phone
Trust's 910Z POWERC@M 
Digital camera with 3x optical zoom.
Trust's 910Z POWERC@M
Leatherman Tools 
High quality tools with various configurations.
Leatherman Tools
MiniCamera from Eksitdata 
Miniatyre webcam with batteries. Easy to take with you to capture those once-in-a-lifetime events.
MiniCamera from Eksitdata

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 .:Best from
More DIY photography stuff, this time a better version of the off shoe flash cord I did last year.

I wanted a flash cord for my camera that would have all the four pins to get all the information between the camera and the flash to go right. I didn't want to pay about 60 for a commercial one that has just two connectors and a cable so I decided to make it myself. The commercial one looks like this:

First I started by cutting and shaping a piece of 1 mm thick aluminum to get a body for the flash shoe and after that I started building the connection part of it on a prototyping board (dot coppered). After all that was done I assembled them together and filled the hole thing with hot glue to give it some strength (I could have used epoxy for better strenght but didn't have any at hand). The tripod mount is done from a 4 mm thick piece of aluminum and then drilled and threaded.

Camera side of the thing is done from various pieces of plastic superglued together. I got the springs and studs from an old flash shoe adapter.

The connectors are PS/2 connectors (or mini-din, used in keyboards etc). I left the cables that short because I can use a normal PS/2 extension cable with this. Cost for this project was 0 (all the material I used were found by looking around the apartment) so now I can use the saved money to something else useful. :)

Bigger photo here: and ready
No not so bad wire mess now (new case)! Vote pleaseI bought some coldcathodes! There is also two inside the computer, but Ill need a window on the sidepanel! :D

I have also same kind of subwoofer than pertti85 have! :D That subwoofer which is in the picture isnt turned on :D:D

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