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Cooling - misc

HR-07 Memory Module Cooler from Thermalright 
While overclocking, proper cooling of memory can make the difference between the computer being stable or not. Manufacturers of high performance memories have added cooling to their higher end memory modules for long time now, but there are also some after market solutions available.
HR-07 Memory Module Cooler from Thermalright
Bluegears Fans 
There are small fans and there are big fans. One can find fans with lights, chrome blades, metallic housing, different colors, automatic speed adjustment and most certainly with different noise levels. In this review we will show you two quite different products that both aim to be very stylish.
Bluegears Fans
ThermoHawk 400 
Touchless thermometer with small dimensions and clear display.
ThermoHawk 400
Super Flower Fan Master 
Four Channel Fan Controller.
Super Flower Fan Master
Cooler Master Aerogate II 
Case and device fan adjustment with style.
Cooler Master Aerogate II
Cooler Master's Musketeer 
Very stylish multifunction panel with analog meters.
Cooler Master's Musketeer

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This is my desk pc.  It is custom built from MDF.  I completed it last August and it is virtually silent in operation.


3000xp Athlon with modified typhoon cooler
80GB Hard drive, elastic mounted.
GForce 2 128mb Hard Drive with TT passive cooler
11G wireless network card
Audigy sound card.
DVD drive

The whole desk is custom made by my fair hand and designed to give an illusion of space in the room.  The front  is dressed in fabric.

A design blog challenged me to build something in the Mid-Century Modern style. This is my response. It is inspired by the TV show Mad Men and a Danish-designed 1960's desk I found on ebay. It's OK to hate it. The design blog loves it :) There doesn't seem to be any room in between. What do you think?
Distance sensitive lamp that I made. Move the hand closer to the lamp and the light gets dimmer. Move the hand up and the light gets brighter. Pull the hand away to the side and the lamp keeps the selected brightness.

Design might not be the "hottest" one but perhaps I find inspiration to house the electronics inside something else...Supaghettoblaster project

System is designed to output LOUD music signal with high efficiency and relatively good sound quality.

Some key features:
* Over 100W of output power
* Bass reflex enclosure, tuned to 40Hz
* Active CrossOver network
* Bi-Amped speakers
* Limiter circuit which prevents distortion
* Weights "only" 15kg
* 12Ah 12V battery
* Over four hours of music at maximum volume

Enclosure, circuit boards, and some schematics designed by myself. Everything built by myself as well.

More pictures and stuff at:

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