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Cooling - CPU

Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler 
The original PH-TC14PE-coolers turned out to be a great success and now Phanteks has launched their second CPU-cooler model - the PH-TC14CS. Let's see if this one proves to be as good as the first one.
Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler
H2O 620 & 920
We're already familiar with the world of all-in-one water coolers. New is the manufacturer, because after reviewing coolers by Corsair and CoolIt, we finally take a look at the ones made by Antec.
Antec KÜHLER<br>H2O 620 & 920
Corsair Hydro H100 
We've already reviewed two water coolers by Corsair, but this time they've come up with something genuinely new, so it's time to take a closer look.
Corsair Hydro H100
Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler 
It's not often that we see a completely new manufacturer enter the PC-market, but this time this is the case, as we take part in Phanteks' world premiere in CPU-cooling.
Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler
Noctua NH-C14 & NH-D14 Coolers 
Early this year we tested three air coolers, but that time around some of the top contenders were missing. Now it's time to make up for that and review the Noctua NH-D14 and NH-C14, both of which are supposed to be at the top end of the performance charts and also quiet enough for even the most demanding users.
Noctua NH-C14 & NH-D14 Coolers
Air Cooler Roundup 
To see what's new on the market of CPU-coolers, we got three different air coolers for a small roundup - Thermaltake FrioOCK, Thermaltake Jing and Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme Rev.2.
Air Cooler Roundup
Corsair Hydro H70 
We reviewed the Hydro H50 all-in-one CPU water cooler last year and now Corsair has come up with a new, higher performance unit - the H70.
Corsair Hydro H70
Beside the main cooling systems of aircooling and all-out water cooling, there are also coolers that try to combine the performance of water cooling and price of air cooling. We now have a cooler from probably the best known manufacturer of coolers like this - CoolIT Systems and their ECO A.L.C.
The CNPS10X cooler comes in two variations, Quiet and Extreme. From these two we're now going to take a look at the Extreme model that is the current flagship of the Zalman's CPU Cooler lineup.
Corsair Hydro H50 Updated: 04.12.2009
Low cost and liquid cooling don't go along too well. Proper kits tend to cost a lot, and cheap all-in-one coolers have gained a pretty nasty reputation for poor performance, build quality, and leaking as a result. Anyway there usually are some exceptations to rules, and this time Corsair tries to break the ice with their new Hydro H50 LCLC (low cost water cooling) unit.
Corsair Hydro H50
Swiftech H2O-220 Apex Ultima Plus 
The kit that arrived to our test this time is Swiftech H2O-220 Apex Ultima Plus. It's the top-spec kit from Swiftech and comes with some of the company's latest components.
Swiftech H2O-220 Apex Ultima Plus
Xigmatek Coolerit (XP-S964 & HDT-S1283) 
A few years back some aftermarket cooler manufacturers introduced copper core- and full copper heatsinks to the world of CPU-cooling. Copper is better at conducting heat than aluminum, so this was a logical step forward. It's also known that heatpipes get the job done even better than pure copper ones, so why not remove the copper base completely? Now we're going to take a look at couple of coolers that do exactly that.
Xigmatek Coolerit (XP-S964 & HDT-S1283)
Chill Factor vs. Liquid Pro 
Today manufacturers offer a plethora of different kind of coolers. But the cooling power of the most efficient cooler can be hindered by the stuff between the core and the cooler's base. Silver based compounds have been around for a while, but still manufacturers come up with new ideas and products.
Chill Factor vs. Liquid Pro
Noctua & Coolink Heatpipe Coolers 
NH-U12 and U8-120-1600 with 120 mm fan support.
Noctua & Coolink Heatpipe Coolers
Silverstone Nitrogon NT02 
Silent but powerful CPU cooler with heatpipes.
Silverstone Nitrogon NT02
Cooler Master Hyper 48 (KHC-L91) 
Multiplatform cooler with heatpipes and silent fan.
Cooler Master Hyper 48 (KHC-L91)
Cooler Master Hyper 6 
Powerfull cooler with six heat pipes for P4 and K8 CPUs.
Cooler Master Hyper 6
Cooler Master Jet 7 
Interesting looking cooler for AMD CPUs.
Cooler Master Jet 7
Cooler Master Aero 4 Lite 
Cheap cooler with blower fan for Intel CPUs.
Cooler Master Aero 4 Lite

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