Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 06.06.2004
Manufacturer: Trust
Product group: UPS

Now that we are getting warmer days up here in Scandinavia, it is time to start preparing for thunderstorms and power blackouts. We might not get that many days with thunder and lightnings than the other parts of the world but like always, one hit, not even a direct one, can damage our computer's hardware or at least cause loss of data. What can we do about it?

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is the answer in most cases. Sure, you can manage quite well with an over voltage protector but that doesn't save the files that you were working on while the power went out. UPS supplies electricity while the mains are out thus allowing you to save your work and safely power down your machine. 1000 UPS Energy Protector is one product from Trust's UPS product line and we are about to take a closer look how well it performs and also see if the UPS is really something that you should have to protect your computer setup.




Box content

From inside we can find the following items

  • UPS unit
  • Two passthrough power cables
  • Multilingual user manuals
  • Quick Installation quide
  • Warranty conditions
  • Two passthrough cables but no actual power cable to connect the UPS to the mains power? Chances are that you are going to use this UPS to protect your PC so most likely you will be connecting your system to the unit with one of the passthrough cables. You can then use the original power cable to supply the UPS from. Good thing when you try to keep the price of the unit low and not to supply any unnecessary items. Manuals are quite thin but installation and usage of the UPS is relatively simple so there is no real need for thicker ones. So, everything needed is included to get your system up and running with battery backup.

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