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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 08.01.2005
Manufacturer: Casebuy
Product Group: PSU & Related
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When there is something wrong with the computer it is not always clear where to start to look for the source. Instability of the machine can be related to operating system, display adapter, motherboard, faulty memory modules, bad mains line, overheating etc. Power supply is one candidate too and usually when it goes it takes something with it. So the PSU is one of the components that should be ruled out as soon as possible and this tool that we are about to review might just do the trick for you.

The Unit


Front / Back

Only thing worth mentioning about the package itself is that the user instructions are written the the pack side of it. Perhaps a proper printed "manual" would have been in order but most users will not miss it that much anyway.



Unit itself is quite small. Brushed aluminum makes it feel cool to the touch and also makes the unit very light. As you can see, you'll find basic instructions on how to use the device printed on top of it. Good utilization of otherwise empty space.

Visible are 7 leds that indicate the operation condition of the main ATX power line and the PSU in general. On the left are the two leds that will be used to indicate if the additional power connectors; ATX12, floppy and molex are working correctly when plugged in to the tester.



4-pin Molex, ATX12 and floppy

One end of the unit contains a connector for the main 20-pin power cable that comes from the PSU. Other end contains three additional connectors to test 4-pin Molex, ATX12 and floppy power cables. One would have hoped to see SATA power connector in this list too, just to make the set complete.

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