HIS Excalibur RADEON 9600 XT Turbo

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 04.02.2004
Manufacturer: Hightech Information Systems Ltd
Product group: Video

Display adapters based on ATi's technology are getting more and more popular. Highend card like 9800 XT would be really cool but it is not inside everyones price range. You don't have to look far to spot something more suitable for your wallet because there are good alternatives to these top of the line cards. This time we will be introducing a card from HIS that is based on ATi's 9600 XT GPU.



Interesting looking symbol dominates the package of this card. Colouring is bit dull and I would imagine that more colorfull appearance might help on getting it noticed on the store. All the necessary specs are printed on the cover so you should be able to spot the product your are after quite easily.

Box content

Box itself contains pretty good bundle of items. You receive the GFX card, a manual, S-Video to composite adapter, DVI to VGA adapter, S-Video to S-Video cable to get you hooked on TV, ticket for free Half-Life2 and the following software bundle:

Driver CD, PowerDirector 2.5 and PowerDVD 5

    Games CD:
  • Comanche4
  • Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
  • Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
  • Tom Clancy: Black Thorn
  • Vietcong
  • Worms Blast

Inclusion of that S-Video cable was a nice bonus because many of us will be hooking this card up with a TV. This cable offers far better signal than composite cable thus making the whole bundle quite valuable.

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