Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 31.08.2004
Manufacturer: HIS
Product group: Video

A while ago, computer users heard about new interface that would be replacing AGP. The thing was PCI Express and we are now taking look at one of the first cards that got introduced for this new standard.

PCI Express

Bandwidth. That is basically what this is all about. Trying to get more of it so that the bus itself doesn't became a bottle neck for peripherals that gets connected to it. Old PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) was capable of handling 1.056 Gb/s between various components. This was plenty before but now we are seeing Gigabit Lan connections and fast SATA drives that demand more bandwidth so that their potential can be fully utilized.

x1, x2, x16 etc? x1 offer one lane for the traffic to flow. x2 two lanes etc. Each lane is capable to offer 500 MB/s worth of bandwidth and for x16 that means a whopping 8000 Megabytes (4000 MB/s per direction) of bandwidth for the video cards and hard drives to play with. For example AGP 8x offers 2112 MB/s. Does this additional bandwidth convert directly to raw FPS (frames per second) advantage over the AGP? Not with today's video cards. AGP should still have plenty of life to it and there will be clear gains made only with new GPUs in the future. New chips that will be designed to take the advantage of this increased bandwidth.





Inside the package we find the following items:

  • Excalibur Radeon X600 XT Graphics Card
  • Manual
  • S-Video Cable
  • S-Video to Composite Adapter
  • VIVO Cable
  • DVI-I to VGA Adapter


  • Driver CD
  • Full Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
  • Games Collection CD containing following demos:
    • Vietcong
    • Railroad Pioneer
    • Neighbors from Hell
    • Tropico 2: Pirate Cove
    • Aquanox 2: Revelation
  • Limited edition bonus:
    • 3D-Album: PictureEZ - Premium Digital Photo Suite 3.1
  • ULead VideoStudio 7 SE

Now this is starting to look like a decent bundle. Full version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero will surely make many gamers happy. It enables you to participate in Counter-Strike: Source beta program too. Premium Digital Photo Suite offers a lot of goodies for digital photographers and because digital photographing is getting ever so popular it is nice to see this software bundled with the card.

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