ICS 8200

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.08.2005
Manufacturer: Sytrin Corporation
Product Group: Computer Case
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These days there are tons of different styles of computer cases available. We have different sizes, designs, colors, materials ets. For a while it seemed as if the manufacturers were racing each other to see who comes up with the most non-usable case possible. Design and functionality doesn't always go hand in hand and in many times the case that looked great on the shop doesn't feel that good when installing components inside it at home.

Nextherm ICS 8200 isn't trying to be the prettiest case on the block but it is here to offer some new ideas and design concepts. Case can do a lot more than just provide the mounting points for the various computer components. So join us to see what this case has to offer and if it suits your needs.

Nextherm ICS 8200


Nextherm ICS 8200

Quick specs of ICS 8200

Dimensions500 x 202 x 435 mm (DxWxH)
Weight15.5 KG
MaterialSECC steel
MB SupportATX, Micro ATX
PSU460 Watts
5.25" Bays4 Exposed
3.5" Bays2 Exposed
CoolingIntake: PC AIRCON Cooling System
Exhaust: 92 mm, 2200 rpm, 25 dBa fan
Top IO2x USB2.0
1x Firewire
1x Microphone
1x Speaker

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