InWin X710

Author: Antti Valkeinen
Published: 29.01.2004
Manufacturer: InWin
Product group: Case

We got InWin X710 server case for a review from Inwin. It really is a server case, but it also has some interesting features that should interest quite few regular users too. If you are looking for a big and good-looking case for your desktop system, InWin X710 might be a good choice. So let's check a bit closer what X710 has to offer.

InWin X710

X710 comes in two colours, black and white. We have here black version, which is probably more interesting if you are building a desktop computer. Matt black case with aluminium front panel and very clean overall appearance makes X710 case that you just can't hate. You may have noticed that LCD-panel at the front and trust me, that isn't the only interesting feature on this case.


M/B Support:ATX, EX-ATX (12 x 13")
Drive Bays:External 5.25" x 4, 3.5" x 2, Internal 3.5" x 5 (Easy Swappable)
Power Supply:300W
Front Panel Control:- Power Button x 1, Power LED x 1 and HDD LED x 1
- LCD panel x 1 (Real Time Clock Display, Temperature Monitoring, Fan Speed Control, Clock Alarm Setting)
- Front USB x 2, Audio x 1 / (Option)
Cooling Fans: - Standard 80 mm SPS fan x 1 for IN WIN 300W power supply
- Standard 120 mm System fan x 1 at rear panel
- Optional 80 mm HDD fan x 2 at front panel with fan holder
Security: - Standard Front Panel Key Lock x 1
- Standard Padlock Loop for Padlock Option x 1
- Optional Chassis Intrusion Switch x 1
Dimension: 520 x 223 x 554 mm (not including foot stand)
20.48" x 8.78" x 21.82"/(H x W x L)
Weight:W/O Power Supply N.W. 11.51 kg (25.38 lb), G.W. 13.11 kg (28.90 lb)

  • Server structure meet EEB 3.0 form factor, support dual Xeon CPU
  • Excellent thermal solution
  • Special LCD panel design feature with real time clock display, temperature monitoring, fan speed control, and clock alarm setting
  • Easy swappable HDD bays x 5 with rail accessory kits
  • I/O expansion slots with card holder and card guide for long card

X710 is a big case, especially the space between front and back end is unusually spacious. Server features shine clearly from the specs. Lockable side and front doors and intrusion alarm at the side door aren't the features usually found on desktop cases. And you probably can't expect support for dual Xeons either. There is also five swappable 3.5" internal drives bays and card guides for long add-on cards.

Server case's cooling system are usually quite good and so it is in this case too. 120 mm fan at the back pushes air out and two 80 mm fans blow air to X710 through the 3.5" drive bays. Power supply unit has also its temperature controlled 80 mm fan. X710 surely draws attention because of it's multipurpose LCD-display, front USB connectors and appealing external appearance.


I just happened to test protective features of the transport container as I crawled through slippery snow and accidently throwed the case to the ground. Case landed on its corner but protective materials protected the case completely.


Besides the case you can also find an explode figures of the case, LCD-display user manual, power cord for power supply, several rails for hard drives, screws and other small equipment. I didn't notice any lacks on bundle.

InWin X710

Front door open

Behind the front door, which also can be locked, are power and reset buttons and of course external 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays. Four 5.25" bays might not be enough if hard drive silencers or other similar setups are being used. I however find four 5.25" drive bays more than enough. Round shaped grating at side panel is somewhat interesting detail on case's external appearance and it also let air flow quite fluently.

You can also see reversible legs, which support case when they are turned out and keep it away from the dust on the table top or floor. My test setup isn't unstable so I keep case's legs turned in. ;)

Connectors & LCD-display

There is a semi-circle shaped groove on the front panel, where you can find two USB-connectors, microphone and headphone outputs. Just above those is the LCD-display with its control buttons. We look features of the LCD-display more deeply on third page.

Back side

Grey basepaint on back wall really stands out, no matt black primer base here. Coarse holed and nicely shaped grating in front of 120 mm fan doesn't harmfully affect air flow or cause extra noise. Power supply unit is placed at the very top part of the case. In a true server case there would be place for a redundant power supply, so X710 starts to look like more desktop case than server case after all.

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