Lexar JumpDrive Sport 1 GB

Author: Henrik Paul
Published: 18.10.2005
Manufacturer: Lexar
Product Group: Storage device
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Speedy review

It's amazing what inspiration a set of ridiculous college-assignments can summon in a person. You do just about anything to avoid making those tasks. Here's something that spawned out of the misery: A quick review of the Lexar JumpDrive Sport 1 GB flash memory stick.

Tech background

The USB memory sticks are flash memory, which is a form of EEPROM - the same memory your BIOS is stored on. EEPROM has the quality of not losing its data even if the chip isn't fed with electricity. The significant difference between normal EEPROM and flash memory is that while you can access only one location on EEPROM at a time, flash memory allows you to access larger areas, thus making flash much faster. The only way you can access the flash memory is by either reading and erasing or writing. Once you read the data, the data is lost. So, when you read the data, you must write it back, which is a big drawback in flash memory.

The package


Lexar JumpDrive Sport 1 GB

The Lexar USB stick is shipped in one of those hard see-thru plastic packages that usually contain small and expensive gadgets. Unfortunately I managed to completely destroy the package before I got to take a picture of it. It's actually the only way to open those - to completely cut it into pieces to get your precious little thing out of there. Sure, I understand that this makes it harder to steal just the innards and leave the casing while in the store, but I really pity those who don't have a knife sharp enough at home.

It also seems to contain a warranty/registration card and a quick start guide between the folded cardboard with the logos and stuff, but I still haven't got the package opened so that I could get it out of there. I'll have to hope that I don't need either of them.

Usually these sticks come with either a neckstrap, USB extension cord or driver, or any combination thereof. Lexar didn't include any of those with the JumpDrive Sport. Nevertheless, the packaging does have a compartment on the back side which looks like a perfect place for a extension cord, but perhaps this packaging is generic. There is a link on the label which leads to drivers, if you need them. There seems to be drivers only for 98SE and Mac OS 8.6. NT-based OS:es don't need drivers, but I'm unsure about the newer Mac OS:es.

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