Project: Pappa Betalar with Sunbeam
by Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö

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Bottom Window
Meteor Light Kit
Etched Window Kit
Smart Fan Controller
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Installation Finished

This time you will see somekind of hybrid between a modding and reviewing article. I'll introduce you some of these great new modding products from Sunbeam. I'll also do some special tweaks to some parts of the case so hopefully this kind of experimental RevMod article will work. :)

Name of the project is Pappa Betalar. What does that mean? It is actually Swedish and we here in Finland use it as a joke when we like to point out the fact that someone asked his dad to go out and buy something quite expensive to them to show off with. This has nothing to do with the costs of these mods or products in this review but because I'm focusing on mods that you can buy yourself, the name is close enough and captures the nature of this article pretty well. Putting all this stuff to a single case is going to be a pretty interesting job and while the end product might not capture everyone's hearts it will still show what the product will look like when installed to a case. There are reviews where the product is only shown on the table and not even installed to a case so at least I'm on the right path here.


Skyhawk MSR 4610

The case that I'm going to be using in this article is Skyhawk's MSR-4610 that I reviewed earlier. Quite a nice looking case with an acrylic front bezel. All these mods and products shown here are usable in any type of case so don't worry. This was actually my first time that I worked with aluminum and was suprised how easy it is to work with compared to steel. Cutting holes with Dremel and filing away sharp corners was really painless so in the future I suggest you try to get your hands on some aluminum cases for your projects over the steel ones. Saves time and cutting disks.


Etched Window Kit

Having to gather all the materials for a good looking case window can be hard if there isn't any good stores near your area where you could get acrylic or window trim. Sunbeam offers their complete window kit in a single package that makes your life a lot easier. There are many different designs to choose from and by combining this product with Sunbeam's Laser led that I also reviewed earlier can make your case window really stand out from the crowd.



Everything needed are included in the kit. Acrylic (240x300 mm) etched window, chrome trim, velcro tape, aluminum tape for better light reflection, cutting template with three different window shapes and a led holder for the Laser leds. The window itself gets installed on the inside of the computer, behind the window opening. This is the reason why you don't see any locking strip for that window trim. This also makes the installation easier because it doesn't take as much skill as to cut both the hole and the window to the same size as would be needed with the regular H-shape molding.



Molding uses the same idea that I used on my Window article. Cut a hole to the side panel and press this trim around the edges of that cut to make it look smoother and more professionally done.


Template cutted

I decided to make a circular window for this project. I selected the right shape out from the template and cut it out. Then I taped it to the side panel where I wanted the window to be and used pencil to mark the spot. Because you only need to cut an opening to the side panel and not to touch that acryl at all makes the installation really fast.


Hole cutted

For cutting I used a jigsaw. It only took like 3-4 minutes to cut that basic shape. Oh, and remember to protect that visible side of the side panel with painter's tape or something similar to prevent scratching. My daughter Sara is confirming that the hole is there.


Intallation finished

Installation finished. The trim sits nicely around the hole and the etch is clearly visible. The whole process took around 10 minutes and proves that the installation is very easy and straight forward. For those that want to have a good looking window on their case but can't find the right materials or are afraid that they don't have the skills that it takes, this kit is just the thing you need!


Meteor Light Kit

Meteor light kit may seem like a regular cold cathode light kit but it isn't. It actually utilize leds in an interesting way. 12 leds are combined in three separate groups that are then flashed with a selected program. The effect is quite unique and you have to see it for yourself to understand what it looks like. I'll be showing a video at the end of this article with this baby in action.




Light tube with 12 leds, control box, pieces of velcro and a pci backplate with ON/OFF switch and a green mode selection button that is used to select different "operating" modes from a slow and steady fading to a fast flashing. There are many different colors and color combinations to choose from for the light tube and they all can be seen in Sunbeam's product page for the Meteor light kit. The sample I have here is all blue and the light coming from the diodes is really bright. I would imagine that this kit alone is enough to handle case lighting on a regular case and because it uses leds the life expectancy for the kit is really long.



Because I had used my sample of Sunbeam's Laser light unit to my BreezePad mod I decided to be a bit creative and installed the Meteor light facing the edge of the acrylic window. The idea here is the same as with the Laser led. The light will enter from the side of the window and bounce around inside it and light up the etched image. Meteor kit adds a little bonus to all this because it have these different operating modes that flash the leds in different sequences. You'll see all this in action at the end of this article as I promised. Also visible in this image above are the velcros that are keeping the acrylic window in place. By using velcro and not glue you are able to remove the window for cleaning or replace it easier if it gets scratched.

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