Project: Pappa Betalar with Sunbeam
by Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö

EL Wire
EL Badge
Fan Grills
Bubble Light
Bottom Window
Meteor Light Kit
Etched Window Kit
Smart Fan Controller
Anodized Thumb Screws
Installation Finished


Fan Grills

Fan grills that are cut with a laser are not that new but different companies offer different designs. Sunbeam has a wide collection of different designs visible on their product page, ranging from movie themes and hazards to animals.



Each fan grill is supplied with four mounting screws that will fit to your fan. Grills are ment for 80x80 mm fans and they have mirrored chrome finish on one side to give out a beautifull shine.



To install the grill I wanted to make a new blowhole on top of the case. Again I used a jigsaw to cut out the basic shape. Then I applied a piece of left over edge trim from a window kit. Not a bad looking hole but the start and the end of the trim weren't matched that perfectly because the hole is so small and the trim is quite stiff. Still, everything is not lost...


Grill installed

After the grill is seated to its place the meating edges of that trim are hidden. Perfect! Edge trim for this kind of blowhole isn't that necessary but I was right when I thought that this golden trim would add a nice little detail to the finished mod.


Lights on

Combined with a CCFL Fan the end result looks really sweet. I decided to make a new blowhole for this product but you can as easily use this to replace that old fan grill on your CPU or power supply. Blowholes on acrylic cases are also perfect places for these grills. Be creative, possibilities are endless. :)


Smart Fan Controller

Having your case fans running with 100% power all the time is quite pointless. Sure, there are cases that doesn't have enough airflow even with 100% power but its up to the user to cut some more holes or add more fans to keep the system cool enough for stable operation. This Smart Fan Controller from Sunbeam will then control all the case fans and make sure that the temperature inside the case is correct.

  • Processor controlled fan speed management
  • Several fail safe features
  • Five super bright LED, three color schemes to choose from: Red, Green and Blue
  • Automatic warning alarm on high temperature(buzzer alarm and LED flash)
  • Lighted enclosure in a clear case




Supplied with the controller are a piece of velcro that is used to attach the controller to the case and a thin manual. Nice looking package deserves a special mention because this kind of pyramid packages are not that common and are easily spotted when shopping.


Controller, two 3-pin and one 4-pin connector for the fans

So, the controller is fully automated. Some users still like to have some control over the temperature ranges etc. so this product isn't for them. You simply plug in the fans and hook up the power to the controller and you are set. Controller can handle loads up to 24 watts so you can hook up all the case fans inside your computer to this baby to have a totally automated system.

Because the controller sits inside the computer it can control also the intake fans properly. Fans that have automated thermal control build in can't do this because the sensor will feel the temperature of the incoming cooler air. This Smart controller can also adjust these fans because they read the temperature from inside the case and is not affected from the cool air coming from the outside.

Temperature graph

Speed of the fans is preprogrammed to the controller and will follow this graph. Some users would like to see a trimmer or similar way to adjust the operation of the controller in some way but like I noted before, this is more like a install-and-forget type of product and because of this will be perfect for most of the users.



Well, you can't forget it completely because the unit is lit and looks really great behind the window. Also visible is another fan grill on top of a tri-color CCFL Fan that is also reviewed here at MetkuMods. The contoller does very nice job on keeping the fans from running on full speed and lowers the noise coming from the fans. I think that this kind of handy product should be factory installed in every case and perhaps we will see that some day.

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