Project: Pappa Betalar with Sunbeam
by Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö

EL Wire
EL Badge
Fan Grills
Bubble Light
Bottom Window
Meteor Light Kit
Etched Window Kit
Smart Fan Controller
Anodized Thumb Screws
Installation Finished


EL Case Badge

I really don't understand why modders here in Finland don't talk about case badges. It is like we have forgot that these things exist. :) Hopefully this EL Case Badge product from Sunbeam will get people more interested of them.

Case badge itself is a small but suprisingly visible detail on the front bezel because the ElectroLuminescent base of the badge glow when it gets power. It is good thing that Sunbeam offers them with several different designs and colors so that everyone can find their favorite. Purple Lion for your daughter's computer and perhaps Red Scorpion for your wife or girlfriend? Whatever the target is there should be something suitable available and I hope that Sunbeam keeps adding more designs to they selection in the future too.




Only two items inside the package; Case badge itself and inverter to drive it. Tape was already installed to the bottom of the inverter so stick it somewhere, insert the power cable and you are set... or was there something else needed to do?



Ah yes, the hole to allow wires to pass to the outside from the case. Dimensions of the badge is 25x25 mm and because of this I decided to install it to a 3.5" drive face plate because it fits there perfectly. I started the installation by drilling a hole large enough to allow the connector to pass through it. After that I sticked the inverter to the plate and hooked it up with the badge and that was all that was needed to install this modding product. Fast and easy for everyone to do.


Inverter installed

Badge installed

Because the badge itself is quite soft you can bend it to follow the contours on the front bezel. Too bad that the inverter has only one 4-pin Molex connector because it will eat away one Molex from your power supply but perhaps this doesn't matter too much to most users. You can see the badge glowing at the end of this article but in the mean time lets look what we have in store for you next.


Anodized Thumb Screws

Sunbeam's Anodized Thumb Screws are usable even if you are not buying them to enchance the looks of the case. By using these you don't need to have tools around to remove the side panels and change your add-on cards.



Package contains 10 anodized aluminum thumb screws. There are currently seven different colors to choose from to match your modding theme. Because the screws are anodized the color will not fade or fall off and this makes these screws very durable and good looking.



While in this case all the screws are at the back of the case and they are not seen, there are cases that can have these in more visible places. If you are building a showcase system or just want to have easier access to your hardware inside the case these thumb screws with different colors will be a good choice.

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