Project: Pappa Betalar with Sunbeam
by Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö

EL Wire
EL Badge
Fan Grills
Bubble Light
Bottom Window
Meteor Light Kit
Etched Window Kit
Smart Fan Controller
Anodized Thumb Screws
Installation Finished


Bubble Light

One of the latest offerings from Sunbeam is their Bubble Light kit. Again, while the tube may look like a Cold Cathode tube it isn't. Basically it is an acrylic tube with bubbles inside and few leds on one end. These leds will then give different colors and effect when they flash in sequence. Bubbles will then reflect the light and the end results is really good looking.




Content of the package is basically the same as with the Meteor Light kit. Couple of velcro pads, box with all the electronics, PCI backplate with an ON/OFF switch and mode button and naturally the Bubble Light tube itself. Wires are pretty long so you should able to reach all those far corners inside your case and with the supplied velcro you can hide the electronics box out of sight.



Bubbles inside the tube will reflect the light towards the viewers eye. Tube without those bubbles wouldn't show any sign of light so by using these bubbles the tube can have two nice effect. While the bubbles alone look interesting inside the tube they start to look even more interesting with light on. Sunbeam topped that with the light that changes color and does that with different speeds and effect. All this can be seen on the video at the end of the article.



It didn't take too long to find a good place for the Bubble Light kit. I took a piece of the same acrylic that I used to make the bottom window and mounted it behind the front bezel. There are small risers between the bezel and the acrylic to allow the air flow though those cooling vents. On top of this all I then glued the Bubble Light tube. Sounds crazy? Well, it might until you see it turned on. :)


EL Wire

Modding product that isn't so widely used. Sunbeam offers them in many lengths, colors and even as sound activated. Because I didn't receive this sample from Sunbeam I don't have pictures from the package but when you buy one it will containt the following items: Inverter, some double sided tape and the EL wire that you selected.


Face plate modding

For mounting I drilled "few" holes to the 5.25" drive bay cover plate. May seem bit extreme but these cover plates are often left without any modding so I decided to give them something unique.



I then slipped the EL wire through the holes on that cover plate and on the front bezel's cooling holes. Because you can twist and turn the wire as you like you can make pretty complex patterns with it. Only your imagination is the limiting factor.



Both the Bubble Light and the EL wire turned on. Nice looking glow and because I didn't want to make this little project of ours too serious, adding the wire gave it even more details to look at and also added one more product to your shopping list. Daddy pays as you may recall. ;)

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