Project: Pappa Betalar with Sunbeam
by Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö

EL Wire
EL Badge
Fan Grills
Bubble Light
Bottom Window
Meteor Light Kit
Etched Window Kit
Smart Fan Controller
Anodized Thumb Screws
Installation Finished



Now its time to see how it all turned out. Yes, I didn't try to make this case to look too tastefull but the idea was to show all these different modding components combined on one case. This will hopefully give you the better idea what works and what doesn't. Some people will like bright flashing colors while other will like to use only one or two colors in more conservative way. I prefer the latter but that doesn't mean that I can't do mods like this too. :)


Lights on

After I was finished with the mods I added Cooler Master's Musketeer panel and LCD panel from MatrixOrbital to couple of empty 5.25" bays. Too bad that they both are black units but it doesn't matter that much when I turn off the lights. Cathodes are controlled by BitsModding's XPII CCFL controller.


Lights off

Glows really nice doesn't it? :) Sure, if you really want to over do it you could install couple of cathodes to the outside of the case too but that would only hurt your eyes. Perhaps one could use more EL wire or EL strip to go around the case couple of times. Notice the glow reflected by the table too.


From behind

Tri-color CCFL Fan keeps the back side of the case lit pretty nicely and there isn't any real need to add anything more to this side. Again, notice a nice reflection via the table, this time with different colors as the two bi-color Cold Cathodes have different color pairs.


Side and bottom windowses

Nice view via the side panel window. Etched logo is clearly visible but could be even better with, for example red Meteor light or Laser Leds. Bottom window is also working nicely and you can see the different colors from those two cathodes. There is too much white light inside the case because I used so much different colors so by using only one or two colors while doing the mods you can have stronger colors and more contrast between them. Don't just throw different products and colors in, plan ahead and get only the colors that support the theme that you are after.


Fan grill

Fan grills today are not only for protection. Well, most of them doesn't do that great even on that deparment as the manufacturers focus on style. This little piece of metal can enchance the theme or the idea that you are after with your case mods. They are not that expensive and some of them do protect your fingers so don't just ignore them while you are modding.


Video, WMV - 1350 kB and 46 seconds.

And now its time for the video that shows all these mods in action. Video will include the following sequences:

  • Meteor Light on the table
  • Meteor Light installed to the side panel
  • Bubble Light on the front Bezel
  • Cold Cathodes fading
  • Cold Cathodes flashing ON/OFF
The video is in Windows Media Video format and should be playable with the recent versions of Windows Media players.

And there was it. Sunbeam continues to bring all these cool looking modding components to you while other manufacturers doesn't seem to come up with anything new. Hopefully this RevMod article gave you some ideas what to do to your case and what these new products from Sunbeam can be used. I personally liked the Meteor Light a lot because the light produced by it is really powerfull. I also found the Smart Fan Controller to be really effective on reducing the noise coming from the case fans. But these are only my personal opinions on these products and I'm sure that you have formed some opinion about them on your own by now. You can always stop by to our forums and share your thoughts with us. Best way to influence where the modding scene and manufacturers are aiming in the future.

Questions or comments? Visit MetkuMods forum.

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