Albatron PX865PE Pro II

Author: Antti Valkeinen
Published: 14.09.2003
Manufacturer: Albatron
Product group: Motherboards


What we have here today is Albatron's best and greatest motherboard: Albatron PX865PE Pro II. Albatron looks like champ when you look about specs and in this review our purpose is to check is it actually as good as specs tell us. So we are going to compare it to some other i865PE boards and look a bit closer it's features.


I already told something about I865PE and i875P chipsets on our Asus P4P800 review so I'm going to quote that part here too.

"I875P chipset was introduced few months ago and at the time it was first chipset supporting new 800MHz P4's, dual channel DDR etc. Little later Intel introduced i865PE chipset along with 800MHz HT enabled 2.4GHz, 2.6GHz and 2.8GHz P4's. Only things that separates those two chipsets is ECC memory support and feature that Intel calls Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT). And after Asus solved how to enable PAT on i865PE chipset, ECC is only technical difference between those two. So it is quite obvious that because i875P is somewhat 50% more expensive than i865PE, there is no clear reason to choose i875P chipset instead of i865PE.

Intel still claims that it is not possible to enable PAT on i865PE chipsets and don't allow motherboard makers advertise PAT on their i865PE boards. So PAT is called Memory Acceleration Mode (Asus), Game Accelerator (Abit) or something else. I have included few other "PAT" enabled i865PE boards on benchmark sections so we can inspect if there are any differences among i865PE motherboard and of course how P4P800 performs compared to it's competitors."


CPU:Intel Pentium® 4 Processor (Northwood/Prescott)
- Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology ready
Chipset:Intel 865PE Chipset
Intel ICH5R
Front Side Bus: 400/533/800/1200(by overclocking ) MHz
Memory:4 DDR400/333/266 Memory Sockets ( Dual Channel DDR400)
Expansion Slots:1 x AGP8X (1.5V only)
5 x PCI
Storage:2 x UltraDMA 100/66/33
2 x Promise PDC20276 UDMA/ATA 133 RAID, 4 drives max
2 x Serial ATA, RAID 0 (Microsoft WinXP only)
Audio: Built-in VIA Envy 24PT with 8 channel Audio Support
LAN: Intel 82547EI ET LAN chip (CAS Port)
Firewire: VIA VT6307 FireWire controller
USB 2.0:2 onboard, 6 optional
Special Features: Zero Jumper Design
BIOS Mirror ™ Protect BIOS by creating an original mirror image of itself
Voice Genie™ Voice Troubleshooting system ( four-Language )
Overclock Features: - Adjustable CPU frequency by 1 MHz increment, Adjustable Vcore, VAGP, VMemory for overclocking
- Watch Dog Timer (auto-reset system when it can not handle overclock configurations)
- Adjustable FSB/DDR ratio, Fixed AGP/PCI frequencies.

Specs are where PX865PE Pro II takes it lead compared to other popular i865PE motherboards. For example you can notice that Albatron has decided to use Intel's gigabit network controller, which naturally uses recently introduced CSA bus. And then there is 7.1 high quality audio onboard, which is based on VIA's Envy24PT that is absolutely marvellous choice for a very high-end audio solution. Of course there is also Promise's IDE RAID, VIA's Firewire and ICH5R south bridge which provides two RAID capable SATA ports and addition to that two regular IDE ports. If this is just not enough Albatron has added few special features like BIOS Mirror ™ and extensive overclocking options.

Back panel


Bundle shipped with motherboard is quite extensive.

  • 3 Ultra ATA IDE cables
  • Serial ATA cable with power adapter
  • Floppy drive flat cable
  • I/O shield
  • IEEE 1394 Cable
  • Game and COM bracket
  • S/PDIF bracket
  • Four port USB bracket
  • Manuals and driver CDs

Cable choices are sufficient enough but what I really miss here is personality. There is no rounded cables or Albatron logos anywhere. Funny thing is that although PX865PE Pro II has marvellous SATA RAID controller there is just one SATA cable with power adapter. Compared to that oddity there is very nice space saving four port USB bracket.

I found also Intervideo's WinCinema Pro from the packet. Intervideo's DVD player software is very popular bundled software and it is not unusual get these at least few if you are ordering components for example to whole computer. I have Intervideo's WinDVD, WinRIP, WinCinema etc. at least ten copies and I'm so bored. I really hope some personality here too, in Albatron's case "World's Sea Birds"-CD or something like that would be much nicer to have.

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