Silverstone Technology

Author: Markus Rimppi
Published: 24.08.2004
Manufacturer: Silverstone Technology
Product group: PSU

Especially during the last few years power supplies of computers have been under heavy development, as far as wattage and also other features are considered. Paticulary the PSUs having greater AC/DC conversion effiency and the forever-growing cooling concepts are getting more and more usual. Also the wattage of PSUs has grown as much as nearly double of the numbers we used to see couple years ago. Even if the PSU meets all the features described above, it can't satisfy the needs of todays silence freaks. Nowdays, one of the most important things with computers is silence. Therefore there are a great amount of PSUs, with different kinds of cooling systems: Some of them are equipped with a huge fan or contraversily there are some passive cooled ones.

This time had a chance to test a complitely silent passive power source made by Taiwanese Silverstone Technology. SST-30NF is promised to be extremely powerfull, reliable and stable. Does SST-30NF claim it's promises? Let's find out.

The Package

The bundle

The bundle shipped with the product is quite normal but just sufficient. It consists of a user's manual, four mounting screws and a power cable. Besides these it contains a mounting bracket, which is meant to hold up the power source when it's installed in to a case.

The english written user's manual holds up a short brief to the product specifications, installation guide, mechanical drawing and warranty information. The text is easy to understand and it is supported by clarifying pictures and captions. Although the manual is quite short, it is just sufficient for a product like this.


Power Output250W(100V~240V) / 300w(180V~240V)
Dimensions150mm x 140mm x 86mm
Input Voltage100 ~ 127V / 200 ~ 240V Automatic select switch
Frequency27 ~ 500 Hz un-modulated

By it's features Silverstone Technology SST-ST30NF is quite ordinary when compared to other power sources on the market. It is equipped with active PFC (Power Factor Correction), short circuit protection and automatic mains power selection. For speciality the 250/300W power output, which depends on the mains power voltage. SST-ST30NF works as a 250W power supply on a 110V system. But if a 220V input is used, it's up to 300W.

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