Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 30.05.2005
Manufacturer: Ulti-mat
Product Group: Mousepad
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You have not seen too many mousepad reviews on our site. After I invented the lighted mousepad concept, the GlowPad, I just didn't seen any that interesting mousepads around. A year ago I spotted this product that is bit more unique than the rest of the competition. Ulti-mat is a Finnish product that offers durable and slippery mousing surface for hardcore gamers. How this is achieved is what makes the product so different from others. Read on to find out more and also see what other possible uses this kind of metallic mousepad can have. In MetkuMods style naturally! ;)




Inside the package we can find the Ulti-mat Mousepad and back of mouse skate tape. Nothing too exiting but what did you really expect? If one can throw in a suggestion, perhaps a sticker or something similar would have made the package bit more complete. At least this seems to be the case with other computer hardware these days.

Quick specs

Core materialSteel plate 1.25 mm thick
Base materialFoamed plastic 2 mm
CoatingTeflonĀ® - Ulti-mat / DuPont TeflonĀ®
Size300 mm x 250 mm x 3.25 mm
(11.82 inch x 9.85 inch x 0.12 inch)

So the secret of this mousepad is Teflon. You know that slippery stuff that is used for example to coat frying pans etc. Other than that the pad seems pretty ordinary with its metallic core and foam base. But enough of the specs, lets see what details we can find out from the product.

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