Lets play with water this time. This following idea has been proposed and done earlier but it's not been used in modding that often. I will now show you how I did my own version of this. Where to use this? It's up to you. :)

First, find a suitable piece of polycarbonat. You can use glass but it's a lot harder to make holes for those connectors that are used to attach the tube.

Divide the polyc. in four pieces. Two for sides, one for front and one for back side of the vessel. Notice that the other side piece is 2 mm wider than other. This is because it has to go over the front/back piece so we can attach it. Material I used is 2 mm thick.

I used a Dremel to carve little "channels" to polyc. These help us to bend the sides. Make these on the inside of the planned container. I used this method because this way I don't have to make three more joinings. This will also make the container more robust. If you have a bigger piece of plexi etc. you can bend top and bottom parts with the same technique. Now I have to use separate pieces.

The pump is a regular air pump that I purchased from a local pet store. It can pump 50 litres of air in an hour with 0.10 bar pressure. It costed me 16.60 euros.

This pump isn't the best (but only one I could find) because it uses AC power from a wall socket. I also thought I could make closed air circulation but this pump doesn't have ability to input air from another connector.

On the left you can see a wooden "device" that I made to shield other parts of the polyc. while I heated up the corners. This way only the desired parts of the plastic will bend.

On the right you can see the finished bends.

I used glass silicon for joining the seams. Ment for seaming up aquariums etc. You can also see the connector which is used to connect silicon tube to the tank. It's attached by drilling a hole to the polyc. and then applying some super glue and silicon.

Inside the tank is piece of silicone tubing. I made some holes in it with 2 mm drill bit. The holes are 15 mm apart.

Tip: Add a mirror behind the tank to get even more bubbles.

Ah, so bubbly. :)

Lets see how the lights will affect the bubbles. With a flash, the effect isn't that great but without the flash things change. In this kind of lights the camera just can't pick up the right image.

Without a flash and with a longer exposure time.

In real life, you can't see the effect like this because your eyes are much faster than a camera lense. Nice looking "light-strings" nevertheless.

Art? Perhaps. I just had to add this image to the end. ;)


Finished. Now all I have to do is just sit and wait for someone to sponsor me an aluminium case where I can place this. My old case isn't worth of this mod. :) Anyway, idea is represented, so it's up to you to use it wisely. Hope that we can see your new mods in our ModGallery soon.

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