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For long time there have been many articles about painting your case, keyboard etc. After I did that Window mod I saw all those dull colored add-on cards inside my case. Some have used marker pens and UV lights to light up edges of the cards but why not go a step further. Paint the whole back side of the card. :)

I took my old 3Com590b-combo pci network card. Notice how boring it looks. Let's see if we can make it look any better.

First take some tape and mask the areas that you don't want to be painted. In this case PCI-connector and the front plate.

Do the same for the front side too. We don't need to paint this side because it isn't visible when we install the card.

I went out and bought a can of white primer, yellow acrylic paint and clear acrylic varnish.

After a few coats of primer the card looks like this. This works as a base where we can put almost any paint on. Just remember to follow the instructions that are printed on the can.

Painted with yellow neon paint and then coated with thin layer of varnish. Shining nicely. At this point I also tested that painted surface doesn't conduct current. We don't want to make any short circuits with out paint job. ;)

As you can see, the paint leaves the wire patterns of the surface visible.

Installed and system up and running. Working good. Compare the color of my red Gainward Ti4200 to our new neon yellow network card. What a difference. :)

Update! I had few requests asking me to show how to card would look painted with chrome. I painted on top of the yellow paint and this is the result. Chrome paint is slow to dry so I can't install the card yet and I can't measure if the chrome is conductive. Wait for further updates. :)


Again, fairly cheap and really easy mod to do. With chrome one could get a nice mirror finish or why not color code your cards with different colors. Red is the soundcard, green for the network card etc. Only thing to worry are those metal flake paints and other paints too that can conduct current. To make sure they don't, paint few covers of paint to a piece of wood or something similar and then measure the resistance. It should go over the scale. Meaning that it doesn't conduct current. It would be best first to apply protective lacquer that is ment for the circuit boards. This to ensure possible problems with components that use high frequencies etc. Hope this works for you and doesn't leave too many cards broken. This mod is quite risky so use your own judgement whether do it or not. ;)

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