Project Cryo

No, this is not an article about cooling. This is something little that you can do to make your mouse's life a bit better. Everybody wants to look good, your mouse too.

We start by taking two pieces of thin acrylic. Something like 1 - 1.5 mm in diameter. This is to make our job easier and because we really don't need anything thicker.

Idea is to heat up the acrylic and then bend it to the shape of top of the mouse. Why two pieces? You'll see why soon enough.

Warning! Don't heat the plexi while it is sitting on top of the mouse cover. You could end up with the melted and ruined cover.

Get a pen and mark the area you want to remove. In this Microsoft mouse they use a large plastic piece to hold mouse buttons in place. Dremel it out and you can still attach the buttons with help of some glue.

I found this nice saw blade in Proxxons tool box. Fits nicely to my Ferm's Dremel copy.

You see the hole I cut out and the button holder a bit shorter. I've already placed a piece of bended acrylic over the hole and fixed it there with a super glue. Button holder can be attached to a ledge on the left corner of the "window".

There you have it. Insides of your mouse. You can stop here if you don't want to harm your little rodent any further. But hey, we want to go all the way.

Meet Serena. Our gorgeous volunteer. Boldly go where no sane person has gone before...

What? Serena lost her legs? That's right. No room for "extra" body parts.

Eerybody loves leds. Why not add one to this mod too. Not like there isn't enough leds already in this mouse but hey, it's my mod. ;)

Ground point can be found from the left side of the red led. There is a jump wire that runs over the circuit board. Positive point can be found from one of legs in that black capasitor. You can determine the negative leg by looking the casing of the capasitor. It's the side where there is painted - - - marks. Use the other leg for the led.

Poor Serena, all alone in that chamber. Now comes the evil modder and adds some liquid nitrogen (not really but bare with me here).

In the first image you see Serena behind clear piece of acrylic and there is nothing behind her.

On the second image you see that I've added a strip of alyminium foil. This way one can't see inside the mouse.

In the last image you see why I took two pieces of that acrylic. One is blocking the hole from the inside and there is another piece placed on top of it. I sanded the bottom side of the topmost piece to get nice freezing effect. This way you can remove the top part if you don't like the effect and it almost levels the window surface with the mouse surface.

Cold? Seems like it. ;)

Whole mouse for you to gaze at.

Update! 08.08.2002

Just made the mod for two more mices. As you can see the window doesn't have to be square and the mod is doable for almost any type of mouse.


Quite easy, really cheap, different and all in all good looking mod. I'm not sure if you want to place a Lego figure inside your mouse but if you do now you know how. Once again clear plastic and leds... Maybe I should start thinking something else for a change but I know that everybody loves a great piece of eye candy now and then. ;)

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