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This is going to be my first case building adventure. I prefer doing these "smaller" mods because there are more usefull for other modders out there but this time I thought to make something bigger. I'm not expecting that many of you are going to build a similar case with these instructions so I'm not going to make this a complete tutorial, meaning that I would give you all the measurements, part lists etc. You can always come to Metku's forums and ask more information on how to build some details etc.

I started to build this case something like a six months ago. It has been quite slow on and off project for me because I didn't think that there would be any demand for this kind of cases or article about them. Recently I noticed how people reacted when some Asian company presented their ball-case on some fair and after that I decided to finish mine. Because the project took so long time I don't have images about every step that I took building it but you should be able to get the idea what is needed to build something like this. I'm also happy to answer any questions that you may have about his project.


Before we start

So this is how the ball looked like before I started to work with it. This may sound ghetto to some but the ball is actually ment to be used as outside lamp. You know those lamps that people have in their gardens etc. When I first started to plan this project I asked around for transparent and hollow plexi balls but their prices started from $/€200. This acrylic ball ment to be used as a lamp costed me 40 euros in a local supermarket.


Two parts

Because VIA's epia board is 170x170 mm I had to find a sphere big enough to house it and still be small enough to keep it usable and good looking. This ball is 250 mm in diameter so it is perfect for this project. You could use the metallic base with this project too and maybe build this case on top of some pole and use it as regular light as well as computer in your room.



I decided not to build any stands etc. to this case. It felt steady enough and with added weight from the Epia board and hard drive it would be even more sturdy.


Starting to cut the sphere in half

To get all the components inside the case I had to cut it open. To get a straight cut I taped my Dremel copy to the table and used a wall to keep the right angle. Maybe there are better ways on doing this but this method worked for me.


Finished cut

Reasonable straight and clean cut. I still decided to add some rubber trim to the edge afterwards to keep it tidy.


Cutted plate

To pick up the pace a little here is a plate for the devices already cut. Diameter for the place is little lower than 250 mm so it can fit inside our spehere.


Form ready

Top and bottoms parts are cut so all the cables and connectors have enough room to run from one side of the plate to the other. Also visible are the six slots on the bottom part of the plate for the leds. I intend to light this plate up like I did in my Glowpad mod.


Frosted edge

I sanded the adge of the plate so the light can be more visible even with lower candela leds. This also makes the adges seem more smooth.



I used four 1000mcd white leds for the bottom part and two, around 2000mcd red leds for the top part of the plate. The idea was to have those two red leds to blink with the hd-activity but I didn't have the proper components on me so I decided to leave it for the moment. Modders these days like to use blue or UV leds but we shouldn't forget these white leds. This was the first time that I used them and I liked them so much that I'll try to favor them over the blue leds on my next mods too.



Risers glued

To attach the motherboard I used some plastic risers. They had brass threads for the screws in both ends. I decided to cut them in half and glue them to the the plate so I could keep them as low profile as I can.

First time for me to split a mod to several pages but this is getting such a long story so head over to page two!


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