Kromihiiri (ChromeMouse)

Something else than those LEDs, for a change. Within a short period of time I have come across many painting articles, so I thought to do my share of it. Let's test how a layer of chrome sits on a mouse.

The idea was to use a first coat (primer), chrome and then finally opaque varnish. But in the end the business was handled only with chrome. The surface was polished quite well without the first coat, and the chrome stuck on the bare plastic anyhow. During our test painting, the varnish caused the chrome to dim a bit, so it was left out. The chrome might wear off quicker, though.

The picture shows the places for four rubber pads. Screws were revealed under two of these, and the other two had plastic clips which held the case closed.

The thrid picture shows the clips that hold the buttons in the case.

Painted and assembled.

The surface was polished with glass paper (very small grain sanding paper) so that the painted sufrace would be as smooth as possible. Totally 4-5 layers of paint without varnish. A brighter result would be achieved by using some polish, but that'll be leaved out this time. The time it would take for the paint to dry was said 16h, but even after this the surface was sensitive for touch. I recommend to let it dry for a couple of days.

Here we have a mouse on which we tried the painting for the first time. Not a bad result. The surface of the mouse wasn't polished at all, so the result is a bit more uneven. So, the basework is important.

The picture shows also my brother's cellphone covers, which also got a bit of the fun.


All in all, a project which seemed nice and simple, for a change. The only thing puzzling me is the durability of the painted surface. It would require some varnish, but the varnish we had, wasn't suitable for the job. Try asking in e.g. carpaint shops and you might get some professional to recommend a suitable varnish for you.

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