15" TFT panel transformed to something more aesthetic.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 07.02.2006
Expenses: ~100 euros
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"Let there be light!"

This next step was not part of the original plan but I decided to add some lighting. It's done in a form of two leds. The front acryl is attached with four screws, so I dilled two additional holes and glued leds to them. Then I used two more cut screw heads to hide those leds. Now the sanded edges are illuminated without the leds showing. How would I describe it; Cool!? :)

From the side


Top view


Illuminated by the desklamp


Close up from the corner


In the dark





The monitor turned out to be pretty stable and firm, not flimsy at all. The original plastic cover did not offer any support for the metal stand. Now there is this metal stand and two plastic supports. I think this project was a succes; Monitor is now more cool looking than before the mod. Though everyone has their own opinion... The whole project cost under 100 euros and this includes the purchase of the TFT panel itself.

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