UV Drawing

This is going to be a quick mod to show but there have been few queries about this so here goes. I'll show you what happens when you play with pens that have UV reactive ink (gel) inside.


Pens from BIC

I just happened to bump into these pens when I was getting some resupply to my food storages. I noticed the word FLUO on the package and immediately thought that maybe these could work well together with UV light. I bought the package and head home to try them out.


Tracing the wires

I removed the GF4 Ti4400 made by Albatron from my case and started to trace the wires. It was bit harder than I expected because the pen tip was slipping away from top of the thinnest wires. Taking it slow and short distances at a time made the drawing easier.


Left side of the card...

and the right side

The magic happens under the UV Cold Cathode. The effect was more intense than I had hoped for.


Wide shot (UV ccfl on top part of the case)

Updated! 1.2.2003
There were some requests to add a wide angle shot so here it is.

Like I said, this was a fast mod to do and report. You can easily use this method with your other hardware too. Motherboard, fans, connectors etc. can get a beatiful glow with this technique. Don't know how easy it is to find this kind of pens where you live but at least you now know that they do exist. Happy modding! :)

One reader sent me a link to these pens and they seem to be the same product. Hope that this helps you to find these pens easier.

Another link and place to buy: Office Depot.

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