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Now, the idea is to present an effect that suits well for the use of moders. A 10 LED runner. A connection that enables a row of 10 LEDs to light up in a wanted sequence. Resembles much of the Night Rider's lights, but running only in one way. Exeptionally, we don't introduce a premade mod, so in the first part of the article we'll tell about the theory and an example connection. We have the complete mod in the next part.

You need 2 ic-circuits and a few additional components. Timer circuit 555 handles the clock pulse which is given to the 4017 calculator, which in turn turns the LEDs on, one by one, until the 10th LED has lit up and after this, the cycle starts over.

In the bottom corner is a picture showing the pin numbering on ic chips. They all follow the similar pattern.

The LEDs are drawn on the picture in the order of lighting up, up to down. The microcircuit's pin order doesn't follow this same order, but the sequence goes like 3, 2, 4, 7 and so on...

In the example we have, there's only one LED connected per pin. Nothing stops you from putting another LED in the sequence and in this way you can control 20 LEDs and have much nicer-looking logos and patterns. But then you need to recalculate the 220 ohm resistance or leave it out entirely from the connection. I recommend you to recalculate.

The test connection I built on a testing platform. You can already see from here how little space you need to build this connection. This enables you to place this almost anywhere, as in computer cases, keyboard, mouse, etc.

This gif-animation shows the circuit in action. (! Note that the lighting sequence in this animation has been altered so that the sequence is shown more clearly !)
A small example animation of a logo which you could make with one blue and 20 red LEDs.
As said, in part two we have a practical example. The testing platform is for the moment the mouse, if I don't come up with something better along the way.


So, this is the basics for our mod. Hopefully I'll finish the actual gadget in reasonable time. You can always propose things in this direction, ideas about where to place this mod. In the second part we'll have modifications of this circuit, so prepare for the worst ;)


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