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Author: Janos Marton
Published: 03.02.2006
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I bought an Intel P3 733EB processor, a 256MB notebook RAM, a 40GB notebook HDD and finaly a 60W mini-ITX PSU. The RAM module is placed at the back side of the mobo. A compact flash card slot also situated there, so I could use it instead of IDE HDD.


Side panel

In the next step I made a new plexi side panel and I fixed the mobo for it together with the power connector and the power switch. The small piece of plexi at the left functions as a "lock". It can be fixed by two small screws and it then holds the side panel in place.



I made new cabling for power switch, HDD LED and 12V power connector.


Installing the OS

During the OS installation I used a normal IDE cable to connect the HDD and CD-ROM. For normal use I connected the HDD with 44 pin mini-IDE cable so no separate power cable is needed. I put this all together in the office, because my son was born in December and I do not have free time at home anymore. At least during the day time so most of the mod was done at night...

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