Whisky PC

Something little that one can do with the empty glass bottles.
Author: Janos Marton
Published: 03.02.2006
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Better cooling

At this point the cooling was not good enough yet. After half an hour the bottle was a bit warm so I disassembled it and glued an old VGA card cooler into the bottle neck to help the air flow out. Furthermore I drilled 6 additional holes at the side panel so now the fresh air can flow into the bottle at the big hole on the back side and through these small holes. I drilled out the bottle cap as well so at the first watch it seems the bottle is original, untouched. These little tweaks improved the cooling and the temperature came down.

Fan installed to bottle neck


Additional cooling holes on the side panel

In use



Since that time my Whisky PC is still working well and quietly in the corner of my living room. Perhaps I should start planning on making a cluster of these... Combine the fun of emptying the whiskey bottles with some good company and building a high calculation power cluster. ;)

Janos Marton

Current system

I started the case modding 5-6 years ago when I got fed up with the box shaped white computer cases. My current machine is an Apple PowerMac G4 Quicksilver filled with an A64 system. Externally I modded it at the front side, I made a 3rd drive door above the original ones and installed blue lights.

Update 06.02.2006

We have received a lot of questions about the motherboard that was used in this article. Motherboard is JREX-786LCD and it can be found from Kontron's homepage.

This was the second modding article that were written by one of our visitors. If you feel that you have a good idea for an article or you have already written down one and would like us to post it in MetkuMods, just ask. We are always open for suggestions.

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