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Added: 13.10.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: Czarny
Country: Poland

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This is the HDD on the other side :P

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 90

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darksoul16.01.2005 01:32
Art deco but gr8 man!

JoeShmoe55410.11.2003 05:32
I agree, make a clock, and try to make it battery powered with out the wire.

yweah22.10.2003 21:48
make it nito a clock

AzsaZ18.10.2003 18:28
Hmm, how did you make the case around it??
that's better then the Blue HD with wire :-S
Men, want to sell your camera?

icefusion17.10.2003 11:08
hey, i can see a camera in the reflection, does it actually do anything or just look weird ?

An@rchy17.10.2003 10:20
Hmm. 1 week and it still hasn't changed.

BrotherQ16.10.2003 19:45
i find it pretty original, thoguh yes it is a bit geeky ;)
but then again so is a modded case...

Ghetodrgn0416.10.2003 02:02
What the hell does it do and also its still cra*

An@rchy15.10.2003 12:03
is it even attatched to a genetically mutated pig-on-a-stick-on-a-ham-roll-covered-in-yellow-ceaser-salad-dressing?

ketku15.10.2003 08:10
is it even attatched to an ide or scsi slot?

ketku15.10.2003 08:09

Azsaz15.10.2003 00:57
Yow Czarny...learn how to type English before you get starting to shout some words to people okay??

czarny14.10.2003 19:49
now the wire is hiden behind the flower

Czarny14.10.2003 19:47
Thanx all real modders for opinion :D respect :)

Miku14.10.2003 17:29
i like it( dont hit meh)

KlaZaA14.10.2003 16:59
Original :) get that wire somehow better...

Pen15 Muncher14.10.2003 10:48
is that a light

Ghetodrgn0414.10.2003 07:46
That my sir is the stupidist piece of shit in this whole gallery

AEdwards14.10.2003 07:26
Why? If it was a clock or something it'd be ok. But thats just geeky.

Ba$$iK14.10.2003 05:10

AzsaZ14.10.2003 00:39
Hmm, kind of boring (sorry)

An@rchy14.10.2003 00:28
2nd picture very blurry. I hate the wire. I love the LED. Does it have any function?