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Added: 14.10.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: Qballcious
Country: Canada

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This is my old Pandex Geforce2 MX 400 with TV-OUT. I was using it in my dedicated DivX player system. Sometimes for fun I would use it to play MOHAA or GTA Vice City. After about 30 min the display would develope green halos around smoke and entities. It was annoying. No driver updates would fix it. I noticed that while troubleshooting the system with the case open it would work just fine and after some temp probing I found that the card got too hot. So I looked around the house and found this old K6II heatsink+fan cooler. I machined the sink to fit ontot he GPU with the original clips. Then i lapped the sink and installed it on the GPU with some Arctic Alumina.

No more graphical artifacts.

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Rating: 2.43 - Votes: 7

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Freddy Krueger29.11.2005 13:23
uuh looks really "cool"

An@rchy17.10.2003 10:20
..Or form over function

BEan16.10.2003 17:58
function over form

Qballcious16.10.2003 01:18
Haha F*** Radeon9800 PRO when you've got a Geforce2MX400 and a lot of liquid N2 lying around :-)

You know I would do that but darnit I still wouldn't have DirectX9 capability so why even atempt the project? :-)
but seriously. That would be cool to witness. If anyone's done that to their cheapolla graphics card let's see some pics.

An@rchy16.10.2003 00:17
Blow kilolitres of liquid-nitro over it and see how far you can OC...

Fast12815.10.2003 16:28
Give it a light!

Qballcious15.10.2003 02:08
Yeah she ain't pretty no more but damnit it works :-)

Olli14.10.2003 21:27
Now in silence or not :-P

Nado14.10.2003 16:48
looks weird... but cool

An@rchy14.10.2003 09:00
Hmm. nice.