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Added: 14.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: Qballcious
Country: Canada

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For the longest time I would watch DivX movies on my TV through my main PC. The desktop was very hard to navigate through the TV and it was a pain in the @$$ to drag my big case downstairs to the family room every time I wanted to watch a movie. So I decided to build a dedicated Home Theatre PC. This way I could optimize the desktop for the TV's low resolution. I started off with a wireless keyboard and mouse but soon moved onto the ATi Remote Wonder. It allows me to control the mouse aswell as assign all the buttons to speciffic tasks suck ans eject, play, pause etc. I love it. I don't even use my $200 DVD player anymore, this does it so well. I call it my DivXBOX

check out my site for specs and construction.

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Rating: 2.62 - Votes: 13

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Freddy Krueger29.11.2005 13:22
Not a mod. U just builded a barebone, so what?

Qballcious19.03.2004 00:53
Why the Hell did I ever post this???? It's not a mod. I later performed a few mods on it but the way it is shown in the pics is stock...un-modded aside from clean wire managment. I'm glad you guys like it but it's hardly a mod. What was I on......must have been 4:00am or something when I posted it :-)))

Junkyard dog07.02.2004 19:29
Great as always Qball

**Anden**20.01.2004 00:56
Nice idea and nice work!

Qballcious14.12.2003 05:33
The case has no name on it nor on the box. It just says ATX100 micro-ATX case on the box. The store didn't even advertise the brand.

Pandora04.11.2003 15:37
Can't access your site :(
Nice job

*anonymous*29.10.2003 07:40
who makes the case ?

*anonymous*23.10.2003 22:45
as for the $$$$ (converted to US dollars for your reference)
CASE: $49
HDD: $65
DVD-ROM: $34
RAM: $83
VIDEO: $43

wow, cheap mod... i should make one for my dad, hes getting pissed off at using our xbox as a dvd player cause the other dvd player skips.

Qballcious19.10.2003 19:06
The ATi Remote Wonder doesn't have anything to do with the graphics card so it works with any card. I love it. It's much better than any IR reciever combo'd with an old tv remote. This one is RF and I can operate Winamp or any other application from the street in front of my house, through walls and several floors. So the reception is great. and coupled with a program called Girder it's infinately customizable. Best remote ever. I bought an ATI TVwonder VE for $50 which came with another remote so I had two of these. :-)

LaZe18.10.2003 22:57
Do the remote work with any grafic card ? ore only with ati cards ?

AEdwards18.10.2003 00:06
Sorry I missed that. Thanks.

Qballcious16.10.2003 06:48
BTW Xaeon, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Qballcious16.10.2003 06:46
Like I mentioned in the original description at the top of this page, It's all on my site.

AEdwards16.10.2003 01:54
Great work. I'm just curious about temperature levels in the case. Any heat problems?

If you were to write a mini-article or documentation of why you chose the hardware/setup you did, you would be near to a god.

Qballcious16.10.2003 01:10
It's a microATX PC case. I'm running Windows XP Pro on it with an extremly modified desktop. very large icons, in many cases custom icons, and large text in menues etc.

I was planning on using hte "view HTML as desktop" option in WinXP. make my own menu system in HTML and java and then set it as my desktop. that'd look really neat and completely customizable. Imagine creating your own desktop and menue systems in flash. mmmm. sweet. When I ge thte time maybe I'll do that.

Rng16.10.2003 00:51
nice one :) that looks almost the same that i planned to build .. planned a 1month now and collecting money to it :).. all in wonder radeon , intel cpu and that sort of things

DDR15.10.2003 23:25
cool is that a pc case or video?

jesper h15.10.2003 15:31
How about software? Just regular OS or something else?

I'm asking cos I can't find any good solutions out there. And to just hook up some win OS isn't my style!

Xaeon15.10.2003 06:42
Not a comment on the mod, but where do you live Qballcious? I live in Calgary, saw ur country was Canada. I was curious since you seem to do some good work.

n3rd15.10.2003 04:29
good idea!!

Qballcious15.10.2003 02:58
The case really doesn't emit that much noise. It's totally non intrusive during movies so I don't mind. The CPU is fused to the mobo so there's not much i can do about that. I can't down-clock it since it's fixed in the bios. Haven't searched for a flash. Although I may consider fixing a larger heatsink to the CPU and GPU. There are a total of 3 60mm fans in there right now and it's still pretty hot in there. A friend of mine made a system almost identical to this and I modded a PCI cooler style fan into it's 3.5" floppy bay. Much quieter. By the way undervolting the CPU fan would require unpluging it from the mobo fan header thus causeing the mobo not to POST. BIOS is fixed for the most part so I can't disable CPU fan alarm.

I think I Farked up on my last post. It's an ECS KSEM verC mobo not KSOM.

A note about the case, it's a small aluminum case that's too flat to acomidate normal sized cards. I had to find a card that fit (radeon 7000 :-( and then fabricate a new metal plate for the card.

Some115.10.2003 02:46
Nice but loud ! Buy a 1400 MHz Duron and under volt & clock it to the 700 MHz (shold be enought to the Divx (with AC-3) / DVD. put a beter fan on CPU and connect it to the 5v line (case fan to). While you are using only 150W of 250w which your PSU can handle you can switch PSU fan to the 5v line!

= Silent HTPC (10db - 18db with no HDD) :)

Qballcious15.10.2003 01:54
Heheh alright guys. First I agree it's not really a mod but it is neat and clean agreed?

ECS KSOM mobo with CPU fused to the board. It's a Duron 950MHZ factory "tuned" to run at 1300MHZ. It has onboard CPU, audio, video, LAN, USB, etc. It only requires 150watts so the 250watt PSU is more than enough. Yeah the case is a little louder than my standalone Toshiba dvd player but nothing I can't tolerate during a movie at regular volume.
-30GB 7200RPM Maxtor HDD
-512MB PC133 RAM -overkill I agree but I had it lying around
-LiteOn 16X DVD-ROM. I chose it cause it is so shallow/short.
-Radeon 7000 AGP with TV out. I had a much better Geforce2 MX 400 in it before but I couldn't close the case with it in there.
-ATI Remote Wonder controller. Very nice

as for the $$$$ (converted to US dollars for your reference)
CASE: $49
HDD: $65
DVD-ROM: $34
RAM: $83
VIDEO: $43
TOTAL: $309

3.1414.10.2003 22:49
Tell us all the specs.
What cpu, how much ram how big hdd?

Submission14.10.2003 20:20
I love it, how much did everything cost? I bet it was a pretty penny for everything. Espeically that remote and case. Oh btw, i was wondering about those 200w psus. Are they good? Is it being overloaded?

BEan14.10.2003 17:21
If you bring it to school i'll take it from you. just kidding

Nado14.10.2003 16:46
great job! but isn't it kinda loud with that fan? couldn't u cool it passively?

jesper h14.10.2003 13:50
Nice job. Wanna do one myself but I have a hard time finding info on the net... Me noob, you nerd.

Feel free to help out! :-P

An@rchy14.10.2003 10:47
Oh yea, sorry but I forgot to say - That's what I call a neat case!

iwan14.10.2003 10:02
some nice work !

An@rchy14.10.2003 08:58
Very nice, although hardly a mod, unless you changed a DVD Player into that computer box.