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Added: 15.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: x95
Country: USA

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This is my Fiancée's Care Bear themed case. It's an old HP 6553 midtower (nothing fancy) with a few small hardware updates. The whole case is painted, the acrylic side was cut and etched with a dremel tool, the CD-RW was stealthed, 7 yellow and 2 ultrabright Blue LEDS were added. The clouds are painted on, as are the stars. The Care bear logo and Bedtime bear are stickers.
She loves it because it is "small and cute."
Everyone else says something similar to "Cool...but creepy."

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 23

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Shorty24.03.2006 22:26
i love care bears and can guarentee i would buy this for myself

Mjolnir18.11.2004 22:47
Fluffy, comfy, cute, I almost want to hug your computer... Kind of disconcerting in a way, huh? But, I like it anyhow, 4/5.

x9501.09.2004 17:19
Heatsink - nope, I have not seen it,but I'll have to see if I can scrounge one up. Sounds interesting.

Heatsink Burns23.08.2004 02:09
Oh, fiancée. Sorry, I must have missed that part of the description. Did you see the "Matrimony Mod" that won Maximum PC's Rig of the Month in the April 2004 issue?

Heatsink Burns23.08.2004 02:08
I'm glad your (choose one: {daughter/little sister/niece/cousin/__________} ) loves it. Though we don't really see too many girls interested in the whole case modding business. It doesn't really match my tastes, but I have got to hand you props for this one, especially the hidden CD-RW. Five!

Shakal^10.05.2004 13:21
That´s so cute! :> I really like it :)

**Anden**20.01.2004 00:58
Getting ZZZzzzZZzzzleeepy but a nice work!

Earendil02.11.2003 01:22
Lovely! ;) However it is "Cool but creepy". :P

mikesvet30.10.2003 19:47
That's Awesome, Very Creative! Where are the My Little Ponies? ;)

docmikeuknowhoo30.10.2003 19:41
um...Cool but creepy

like whoaa22.10.2003 00:18
my gf loves this case. she hates when i talk about computers but i told her, " you gotta see this" and she's all like, "whoaa!"

Hollow19.10.2003 22:31
sweet... ^_^

x9517.10.2003 16:31
Case Materials: The materials used on the case mod were rather simple things from either a home improvement store or RadioShack. I have about $200 into the project, but about $125 of that was a new Dremel and accessories. The Blue LEDs were the most expensive. The paint was spray paint and some modelling paints. The acrylic wa a large sheet I cut down and etched with the dremel. The molding around the window was 1/4" OD vinyl tubing that I used a silicon adhesive and sealer to glue on.
Maybe later I'll post the whole process on a website because I took pictures at each step.

justas17.10.2003 16:19
Kinda nice thing 4 a girl. And the LED's in stars are original idea. Nice overall.

icefusion17.10.2003 11:11
looks great,love it, i want one, but maybe not.... looks cool though, for anyone who isnt a guy... might try that one day! keep up the good work !

kris17.10.2003 05:32
I think that this is such a cool idea....i might have to do it to my computer..what kind of materials did you use?

x9516.10.2003 20:23
Update on the Case: She has now decided that the 17" Silver LCD does not match my black one (since I use dual monitors) and it should be painted to match her case. So, in the near future a matching LCD screen and keyboard/mouse may be added.

KlaZaA16.10.2003 17:27
Yep, something sweet to the girl :)

LocoPup16.10.2003 15:08
Good workmanship and different.. ::::::::::Hiding your paint supplies and pewshing you away from my truck.. lol..
Seriously.. Good job

Nado16.10.2003 14:52
but nice job!

Itikka16.10.2003 13:31
I like those stars and theme cases are always cool.

jesper h16.10.2003 11:00
really like the window. Leds in every star does do it for me. Besides that, good finish!

Not gay - just really really girly!

N516.10.2003 04:50
nice. you have balls for posting it too. good job

AEdwards16.10.2003 01:52
Good stuff, I've been considering modding a case for my 4 yr old cousin, and she in fact has the exact same case as you.

Qballcious16.10.2003 01:25
Nice work, unless your fiance is male in which case it's massivly gay. Hehe but good job though.

An@rchy16.10.2003 00:15
I like the cartoon effect on the clouds! Well done!

jonas15.10.2003 23:14
nice paint-job!