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Added: 19.10.2003
Single case mods
Owner: Souvlaki & Tzatziki
Country: Greece

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I love souvlaki and I got an idea on what to do with my PC unit. After that I bought a Mac!

Admin's comments/notes:
I thought that this was funny enought to get posted. :)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 367

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Honza22.03.2008 14:30
LOL it is delicous

DeeGaa21.12.2005 10:19

quazor18.08.2005 23:00
mac sucks o.O

Junkie1027a05.06.2005 01:03
i see this and i am hungry :|

maelli13.03.2005 21:03
nice job :::::D

PB29.01.2005 01:29
i agree with monkey, that shit is HOT!

CUBE05.01.2005 02:55

monkeY!27.12.2004 16:05
Damn your computer is hot man!

Sieni19.12.2004 02:27
Tässä on sitä jotain... :DDD

Da2nd107.09.2004 11:06
I dont see teh mod

zerg16.08.2004 08:01
tossa on asennetta......

Q1030.06.2004 22:31
hmmmzzz install linux and ist perfect!!! BURN TUX BURRRRNNN!!!

fr0g_08.06.2004 02:08
No ainakin on grilliongelma ratkottu festareille, kun noita romukoppia on kaapissa.. -->hyötykäyttöön :)

Tile03.06.2004 01:20
Your neurons are on fire !!! Cool them down !!!

tecco27.05.2004 13:40
haha that IS funny ;)

Zen07.05.2004 00:46
A MOD is supose to make the Computer lokk or performe better!!!
Does this Computer stil work???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dia13.04.2004 13:39
*anonymous* 10.03.2004 00:21
ei läppä :D
Jaa-a. :D

*anonymous*10.03.2004 00:21
ei läppä :D

Lammas09.03.2004 16:30
Ohhoh tossa tulee pc romuille käyttö tarkoitus

Toby08.03.2004 21:35
Haha, pretty useful mod ;)
Käytännöllinen modi, tässähän tulee ihan nälkä ;)

someguy04.03.2004 23:03
think before you post

someguy04.03.2004 23:02
wow you people are really dumb macs are better than pcs not because of there os but there processor has a bigger cache size than standard processors ( im sorry but ppc chips own you) that and they have been 64 bit way before pcs even knew what that shit was AND macosx i based on darwin wich is a hacked up version of bsd
see now the place were they hold there own is running linux im sorry but they run linux alot better than standard pcs i only own one mac and i have several pcs and i do know this for a fact since they have larger registers on there cache you can shove more code/data into there procs at a time thereby increasing efficency and allowing you to have the chip run slower but perform better than a pc

matrix_90913.02.2004 09:55
Does it burn in raw mode?

Neste07.02.2004 19:10

momish.com01.02.2004 00:40
I sure hope your case wasn't painted or had any coating on it... otherwise you guys might have been pretty high while eating... nothing like chemicals coating the lungs!

[BiGG]28.01.2004 21:32
i bet the whole neighborhood came over for barbecue

c0mput3|2_sc!3Nt!st21.01.2004 21:58

YUMMIE16.01.2004 20:06

dazang03.01.2004 01:30
Man that makes me hungry. What is Souvlaki? It looks like Chicken.... mmmmm

bbz21.12.2003 01:45
so sexy, thats art :D

yeah20.12.2003 19:03
tuossa on jo ideaa!!! suomalaiset ottakaa mallia tosta

[]_[]83|^ monkey17.12.2003 01:38
*sniff* *sniff* That is really too bad. Mac finally produced an acceptable OS with OSX, agreed, and a main-stream consumer computer manifacturer using a Unix based OS is pretty stinking sweet, but Linux still |^0>

No_name06.12.2003 18:01

neoothello01.12.2003 22:44
Sorry Folks Hardcore Programmer here... from the old school ( ie 1983 remember FORTRAN?)... MACS stable, reliable, user friendly OSX Developers heaven... PCs? great BBQ pits (see above)

Ratman29.11.2003 00:08
Well until now the best case mod i have seen in my life

xai27.11.2003 22:45

m@19.11.2003 00:06
people make it sound like macs are bad. HELLO UNIX IS A BILLION BAJILLION TIMES BETTER THAN WINDOWS!!!! but nothings compatible with them and there interface is kind of annoying.

JoeShmoe55410.11.2003 05:30
There's a reason there are no Macs here.
No computer literate cool people use em.

BEan06.11.2003 17:23
I heard Macs are good for preasure cooking.

gon02.11.2003 10:28
Hi teck meat

Bunias29.10.2003 22:09
Mmmm smels like chicken ;)

crazygonzo26.10.2003 03:17
best mod over,, love it

Esplin26.10.2003 01:14
Went from a PC to a Mac? You must be really computer-illiterate, or really desperate for a crappy non-user-friendly Operating System, or just a liberal arts student.

icefusion25.10.2003 14:34
thats great, good to see computer cases can be used for other things, wouldnt the ash fall out the holes ?

drinn25.10.2003 13:36
Haha. :)
I like Souvlaki too. :)
I have visited in Greece two times. Nice country.

Godvalve25.10.2003 06:57
DRM at it's finest. Another hot product coming soon from Intel.

Olli22.10.2003 00:24
That is what I did case if I have it :-D

czarny21.10.2003 17:51
old photo...

An@rchy21.10.2003 12:32
I hope you killed your copy of Windows 95 in that fire, and used the End User Agreement as the charcoal!

submission21.10.2003 10:38
Haha, my comment got deleted cuz i said a certain word! But your right, it was meant to be a joke. But because they mentioned mac, everyone including me got seriously offened. Props for the grill.

Gimpel21.10.2003 07:06
Q: How many losers does it take to not just see the humor in the idea?
A: Obviously more than can be counted on a quantum calculator.

Please do the rest of a favor and STOP the flamming!

PS I own no MAC's just three home builds and two SONY VIAO's

Qballcious21.10.2003 05:16
"And Shepherds we shall be
For thee, my Lord, for thee.
Power hath descended forth from Thy hand
Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.
So we shall flow a river forth to Thee
And teeming with souls shall it ever be.
In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti."

An@rchy21.10.2003 01:13
Repent, for yee have sinned against the PC!!!

the shrink21.10.2003 00:36
shrink anyone?

Ladikusz20.10.2003 20:51
Overclocked Computer (without cooling) : )

paavi20.10.2003 20:37

Jipa20.10.2003 20:34
A bit overheat? eh :)

Mr NIce Gye20.10.2003 17:50
Hey nice cabel sleeving!:P

MD20.10.2003 17:27
Talk about overclockin'! Now we're Cookin'!

Panther Power20.10.2003 16:54
Very Cool!! The right thing for the right job !
*God save the King (Steve Jobs!)*

BEan20.10.2003 16:33
ROFLMAO That is crazy.

klmri20.10.2003 15:48
nice useful mod! gj

Lethal Cow20.10.2003 14:09
well I dont think there was nething in your PC ... but I doubt u'll bother taking the parts outa your mac before u burn that .. stupid work machines .. MAC SUX ..

Nado20.10.2003 11:11
ooooold pic! but cool idea for old cases!
btw: f*** Mac!

jaguarking1120.10.2003 10:07
all u need now is a window mod on it and a neon lite

jaguarking1120.10.2003 10:06
actualy if he bought a G5 he could do that on the cpu
G5 overheat like hell

mjk11020.10.2003 09:36

Ghetodrgn0420.10.2003 07:45
Thats cool. i just saw that posted on Maximum PC

AzsaZ20.10.2003 00:37
This is another way of burning ;-)

Deaf_Guy20.10.2003 00:28
LOL !!! I just set up as a wallpaper !! My gosh I am HUNGRY !!!!

tomippa19.10.2003 22:49

n3rd19.10.2003 21:56
Eat up!!

DMC19.10.2003 21:52
Qballcious, if you really have the extraneous dough to shell out for a G5-grill, buy one and give it to me:)

MoebiuS19.10.2003 20:34
I thought, it was a dangerus bug in dvd burner :)

NexteR19.10.2003 20:24
i hate when people "kill" their cases :) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Qballcious19.10.2003 20:05
You should have bought the mac first, burned it and then bought a PC. Think you would have had more fun roasting a G5 or iMac. I know I would have. :-)

YoNzZu19.10.2003 20:04
GREAT!! :DD Did that meat taste good? ;)