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Added: 20.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: Loortti
Country: Finland

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2,6 ghz Intel celeron.. overclocked to +2900 mhz
128 mt ati radeon 9600pro
120 gt hitachi
MSI 875P Neo motherboard
SoundBlaster 5.1 live
512 mt DDR-400 memory
burning dvd-rom
52x cd-rom

Case: Antec PLUSView 1000 AMG

Motherboard had a multicolord ledfan included, but prosessor has no leds in it..
I have bought 2 green neo tubelights and places one up and one down in the case.. I also have ad an extra coolingfan on the sidepanel and it has blue leds in it.. The sidepanel will have a carving picture in the future..
Ideas how i could countinue whit modding my case please mail me..

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Rating: 3.29 - Votes: 7

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Messiah11.11.2003 01:07
It's... green!

An@rchy09.11.2003 11:49
yea, ok soz

sourceress04.11.2003 18:00
ehkä liian vihree, muute iha nätti...

Loortti22.10.2003 11:53
at the package it says like this.. cold cathode light kid so those are CCFls..

An@rchy22.10.2003 09:49
Get CCFLs, not Neons! Cold Cathodes are brighter!

James22.10.2003 09:18
Does any one have any secondhand neon lights because i just did a case mod to mine and i want a light to go with it im lookin for a neon light for under $10 if u can give me one can u email me on

AzsaZ22.10.2003 01:28
Nice colour, but mess with your cables

Darth Bender21.10.2003 23:55
so you only got yourself some lights and LED fans? That's hardly what I consider a mod... and why waste an otherwise good system on a celeron? =/

Bard21.10.2003 22:54
I like it. Nice and clean.

Petro21.10.2003 20:51
he doesn't have to concentrate on one color. In fact one color can get a little boring. If you pick the right colors a good color scheme can look a lot better than all one color. It looks good...I have the same case and plan on putting a green uv reactive fan with uv leds in the front grill to give it a nice green look from the front.

Cujiz21.10.2003 14:39
Onhan se ihan jees.. :)

Loortti21.10.2003 12:45
and the mail is good ideas there please..

An@rchy21.10.2003 12:27
Yeehaaaaa! Radioactive! Awesome! Paint the case!

Nado21.10.2003 10:28
now that i call bright! but do sumthin more to the case, a window is just basic! and take out that extra fan, concentrate on 1 color!