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Added: 20.10.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: snuggel
Country: Netherlands
WWW: http://none

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This is my mouse mod, i pianted it, and added a 3mm green led in the center.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 2 - Votes: 5

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snuggel28.10.2003 11:21
there are some small scratches but you can hardly see them in real

Weirdo27.10.2003 16:45
Could you please take some pics of the mouse from inside i would like to see how u have done it!
Contact me at Messenger or write me an mail PLEASE!

icefusion25.10.2003 15:41
red is a bit weird, maybe a nice white with a blue or red LED. u should try making a glow wheel aswell, its on a website somewhere

?22.10.2003 21:46

cereal killer21.10.2003 14:08
could have chosen another colour instead of red... it.. is not good when it is alone without any "shapes" or "paintings".. try to use blue or white( the last one would be best)

An@rchy21.10.2003 12:33
Nice! Although, is it just the camera, or are those signs of scratching?