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Added: 21.10.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: The_Moose
Country: Denmark

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This is my fan/light-bus, and my wireless headphone transmitter.

My fanbus has 3 fan-channels, and 4 light-switches, the fan channels can be 0, 5, 7 or 12 volt, and the LED over each channel will change between no light(0v), red light(5v), yellow light(7v) and green light(12v).

Right under my floppy drive, i built in my transmitter for my wireless headphones, so now it dosn't have to be in a case of its own, wery handy, and i also power it from inside the case, so that's one wire less from under the table :P

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Jgaurking1126.10.2003 09:42
Nice job

The_Moose24.10.2003 15:12
It's an InfraRed signal, so the computer can't really make any noise or anything to it, the only bad thing about infrared, is that it dosn't reach more than about 25 meters, and only with a clear view of the transmitter...

Gunner23.10.2003 10:01
Hey, it looks great, and its nice that you have build the headphone transmitter in the case, but dosen't the computer mess the signal?