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Added: 22.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: PIPE
Country: Colombia

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well, this it is my first mod that I make, he has lateral window and panel of front switches for the fans, i made all acrilic details...

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Rating: 3.22 - Votes: 18

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roncho01.02.2005 02:29
ufff..excelente compatriota

Mike30.08.2004 00:55
The front of the case looks like it has a big stomach..not bad though..

supercrox20.02.2004 19:50
looks cool!! nice job:-D .. but 1 question why so many patches 3 msi!!:|:S.. i like that flames.. lovin' it, a 5 from me

c0mput3|2_sc!3nt!st21.01.2004 03:37
i love that thing. great use of cable management and lighting! great job bro. Honestly not a bid fan of the case itself but, great job none the less.

fxg22.12.2003 01:09
looks great! and with this being your first mod, i'm looking forward to your next job. keep it up!

flame05.12.2003 06:49

shared05.11.2003 09:52
exelent mod of the machine, is perfect and imposible of repeat..........

lazychook30.10.2003 04:05
sweet ass case btw!!!

lazychook30.10.2003 04:04
hey pipe, where did you buy the orange spiral wraps for your cables? email me! =D

bill gates29.10.2003 09:26
trabaja com migo y te pagare muy bien

jaguarking1126.10.2003 09:35
Correction Machine

jaguarking1126.10.2003 09:34
Nice flame job but wahts with all the stickers? Riced up pc
ROLF. Let me guess the more stickers the more Mhz the achine has rite? Then you must have about 10ghz dude!!

look at Johny 5---------->{O}_{O}

Blood24.10.2003 01:58
Worst shaped case ive ever seen !
But the insides are nice:)

Qballcious24.10.2003 00:31
I like the switches. nice and clean.

Nado23.10.2003 10:59
good job, wonderful flames. but paint the case and change these switches, they r really ugly!

Gunner23.10.2003 10:12
I Like Fire! I WANT! Well... You should paint the case, well only the front plastic part thats seperatet. Black would look great!

karula23.10.2003 09:39
Hmm...kind of cold, but still burning. ;)

An@rchy23.10.2003 09:04
I love it, although paint the case!

LocoPup23.10.2003 08:25
Is the side window bolted to the outside of the case ? (Blink)

trs8023.10.2003 05:43
nice flames... might wanna try tracing with the fluo gell pens, i think itd look kool

Qballcious22.10.2003 23:47
Let's call it interesting...but by all means while you're at it, add more tackyness with the LED fan.

n3rd22.10.2003 22:05
from star trek!

n3rd22.10.2003 22:05
looks like a fuckign spaceship!!!

Bard22.10.2003 20:35
The flames were really cool. (I might have to make those myself now...)

DDR22.10.2003 20:31
cool case change that fan in side panel to led or some UV model and take those stupid stikkers away they spoil who machine

YoNzZu22.10.2003 17:47
Really nice case! :)

I like the flames also.

thingle22.10.2003 17:05
nice but the flames are 2 mutch! Realy nice pipes!

mj22.10.2003 15:44
sweet looking case:I u should get a led fan for that sidepanel , looks like a black hole now ;k

Colt22.10.2003 13:32
Quite nice to your first mod. I particularry like that fire effect, good job.