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Added: 25.10.2003
Game Consoles
Owner: crash
Country: USA
WWW: http://n/a

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I got bored with the way that my xbox looked. so plain with the green jewel in the middle and all black. normally i like things all black, but when it comes to something with the microsoft name on it, it doesnt look good all black. i just used some silver spraypaint on the "X". and took off the jewel in the middle, removed the tape, silver paint, then a layer of green paint. repainted it with red spraypaint. put it all together and there. i also added a hdd activity led and dvd activity led, but it dont show up in the pic, its too dim. i also changed a few wires around and reversed the polarity of the power led's, so the red and green colors are switched.

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Rating: 3.27 - Votes: 15

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boogeyMan09.03.2005 00:18
i like it! BTW south park rules.

MaxaMaccara17.12.2003 08:50
I like this box

crash28.10.2003 16:57
plus the reason it looks bad is cuz my camera is gay and sux big donkey balls. if ya wanna send me more money so i can get a better camera to have better pix. then email me.

crash28.10.2003 16:54
well i hate microsoft, and dont like stock things, so i modded the xbox voiding the warranty(which sux anyways). i wonder what bill gates would say to that.

Qballcious26.10.2003 07:28
The paintjob is terrible. I know that silver metalic spray paint is harder to get even than regular matte paint but damn is this ever a shitty paint job.

An@rchy26.10.2003 02:46
I like south park :)

Kirb25.10.2003 21:46
Naw, I don't think so, its not too bad... Could be better if you could give it some red ambience glow, dremel out some descreet holes or something

Qballcious25.10.2003 19:00
Wow that's ugly. just plain Nasty looking.