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Added: 25.10.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: TRaven
Country: USA

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This is my variation of the mouse fan, i put a switch in there cuz it was kinda annoying. Putting in the switch was...difficult...but, i havent seen it done anywhere else so I was like WOO!, I also put in an LED for when the fan is on the LED is on, it's not really neccesary but it's funny, lol. ok...that's it...The holes look like crap but that's

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Rating: 2.08 - Votes: 13

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TRaven24.05.2007 01:59
Wow! this is still here! lmfao

Screw you guys! haha. It does suck tho, but i was young and foolish, and now i'm wiser . . . with no friggin time. 4 years!

coolkingZ09.03.2005 19:25
what did you use to drill the holes? Knife?

uape27.06.2004 21:24
raven you have it all even when you where little . Now that your older you get to be able to make your own videos kinda like suoernatural.

Ghozt06.05.2004 14:49
Nice Mouse! :D

[]_[]83|^ monkey17.12.2003 01:29
Replace the toggle with a low-profile rocker switch.

1337MHz27.10.2003 12:30
This is kewl. :) Most of the time i hate _those_ switches but in this mod it is cool.

face it26.10.2003 13:35
it isnt all that ugly, its nice that switch, and well, if u could paint it, you wouldnt notice the "bad" holes..

jaguarking1126.10.2003 09:49
nice ----NOT---------- Crapolicious and ist a microhard mouse to top it off

TRaven26.10.2003 05:46
I know the holes suck, cuz i messed it up, lol, and the switch is actually not that big, it looks pretty big in the pic tho, lol, but it really isnt.

An@rchy26.10.2003 05:35
CooL! Btw, does anyone say that you have sweaty palms?

Geking26.10.2003 03:40
I did mine with a switch too, but I plated the outside of my mouse with 2 different sheets of metal, then amplifyed the resistence between the two, so when I started to sweat, the resistance would go down, the fan would turn on, and dry my hand.

An@rchy26.10.2003 02:45
And the last photo doesn't boast any good attributes about the mouse

2tired2care26.10.2003 02:34
I think they're referring to the holes that look like you carved them out with a pocket knife. And that huge switch that is just sticking out on the side like that.

TRaven25.10.2003 23:11
ow does it suck? tell me what it is that is soo bad? i want to see how i can improve this. ACK! TELL ME SOMETHING PLEASE!

modder25.10.2003 22:37
lol lol lol... that sucks!!

TRaven25.10.2003 21:01
wow, i never saw it, lol, ah well. it aint that ugly's

n3rd25.10.2003 20:13
ive seen that before try to be original.

Quile25.10.2003 17:14
only what i can say is "ugly" xD