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Added: 26.10.2003
Single case mods
Owner: Ang88
Country: USA

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I had an Empty Drive bay so i put a peice of fogged plexi glass in with some LEDs behind it. Then I put a peice of Plaxi Glass Shaped as the mouth with one LED on the left side to iluminate the mouth.
After that i blackened the edges so that it look like sunglasses.
NOTE: My digital camera messed up the picture and makes it look dim.
In the Dark it tints my whole room blue.
For More pictures go to my web Page.

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Rating: 2.43 - Votes: 7

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Cargocult13.11.2003 10:45
Nice to see a friendly face sometimes.

perse04.11.2003 19:24
aika sumeita kuvia..

Darth Bender03.11.2003 21:46
whoops, forgot to write nick again!
argh! this is getting troublesome... ;)

*anonymous*03.11.2003 21:45
Hehe, pretty k00l m0n :)
I think you should give the mouth more lighting tho...