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Added: 27.10.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Squigee
Country: Canada

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This mouse was created to reflect the cryogenic chamber featured in Futurama. Took a whole afternoon, and many burns (hot glue gun, soldering iron, water to melt acrylic...)

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Rating: 3.29 - Votes: 28

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JipsyChris18.03.2004 17:42
AWESOME! Futurama owns your grandma with hedge clippers. 5 for you my friend.

dazang03.01.2004 01:27
my guess is YES: it is an action figure of FRY. I doubt he melted plastic and cast him in his FRY molding.

Anttipovi13.12.2003 16:34
Ihan jees mutta aika paska, ei tommosella voi pelaa.. :D

SajmoN01.11.2003 14:11
how did u do Fry ? is it some actin figure ?

Kirb28.10.2003 17:17
Looks really good!

jaguarking1128.10.2003 06:55

Kumo28.10.2003 01:40
You can glue the foil in a transparency film to give it a more solid apearance.

Nice mod. Futurama Rulez

Waingro27.10.2003 19:19
really good looking.. but that light look abit weird...

cereal Killer27.10.2003 17:04
good job.. try to make that window better and replace the foil with something better (or nothing)

An@rchy27.10.2003 12:48
Futurama = cool!

1337MHz27.10.2003 12:27
hehe :)