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Added: 27.10.2003
Owner: karvanšppis
Country: Finland

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elikkšs tarkotuksena on vielš toi pinkkivšri ottaa pois tuolta pohjasta joskus

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 70

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Henkka06.04.2006 15:03
Et sit enempää karvaa tuoho saanu tungettuu... :D 4/5

Mr. B0rdL01.12.2005 09:55
muuten ois tullu täydet pisteet mut on väärät värit valittu... tai noi kaks ei sovi yhteen... hienoa työtä muuten

BoogeyMan11.03.2005 06:27
The hair looks like it will clog the keys... either way i give you 4/5 cause it looks like a Yeti!

Stereo24.12.2004 16:15
I want my computer to make the sound of a Yeti! HAHA seriously are you a yeti and wanted it to blend in with yur FUR?

yiorgos28.09.2004 03:28
very nice,5/5 ;-)
if it was wireless you could take it in your bed and cuddle with it in the cold winter nights :-D

Farkin_Bitch29.07.2004 19:25
AHHAHA! I Love those fluffy keyboards and cases! Keep the fluffy-modding up!

Pimpboard.com07.07.2004 21:06
That's one Pimpin' MoFukkin' Keyboard! Cheers!

*anonymous*31.05.2004 15:31

J3p j3p31.05.2004 13:40
Hairs are just horrible. I really don't like this kind of mods, which have hairs. Just 1 point. Awful.

MaDmAx07.05.2004 01:15
OMG that keyboard scares me....tell me when its gone

Xerbee07.04.2004 10:46
Weeeiii Roadkill ...... Nice, Cool and not so useful. Like it!

Mooses7331.03.2004 23:11
Yuuuhh.. Hmm.. Idea, maybe but I dont want keyboard like that.

Vintage06.02.2004 16:40
Woot :D Sopisi hyvin sen yhden "peto"-kotelon kanssa :)

Ja tuo pinkki sitten pois, jookosta?

offiX25.01.2004 16:49
hahahah mä ajattelin kans tollasta ja sitten viel joku amish neon valo ni kyllä lähtee :D

ohac09.01.2004 22:17

dazang03.01.2004 01:25
hahaha that looks really girly

cHewy25.12.2003 06:29
you killed your dog for it?

Yambo22.12.2003 23:03
:D Wähä cool!
Mut pikkasen rääkkäystä antaisit kissalles oikeet ruokaa.

a23.11.2003 21:49
that's so gay it pwns

Cargocult13.11.2003 10:44
Dude! That *is* pretty gay! Thumbs up to ya'

Turistl31.10.2003 16:11
Prkl ehdit ennen mua laittaa sen ;)

Neme^29.10.2003 13:00
Pimpboard! COOL! :DD

An@rchy28.10.2003 08:59
Just 1 question - is it easier now to mop up coffee spills on your keyboard?

Jop28.10.2003 07:52
√Ąij√§ pummannu mun patenttini =)
(no okei ei oo mun patentti =) )

Jaguarking1128.10.2003 07:01
Just one question. Do you pet it?
If you do, u might wana set up some circuitry to get it to bark or purrr.
| | | |
/ /

trs8028.10.2003 06:20
wow... roadkill keyboard. nice touch. its pretty good... but wow... roadkill..

Audiodox28.10.2003 04:28
hmm... yeti boards are in style this year...

::JaNgO::28.10.2003 02:29

Qballcious28.10.2003 00:24
wow. that looks pretty gay

me27.10.2003 23:55
p: This is hilarious. :D
L: Mainio karvoitusvalinta ja toi pinkki on vekkuli :)

Jipa27.10.2003 22:44
Pinkki on just hyvä!

Pink is just cool :)

gibb3h27.10.2003 22:08
lol, thats cool :D

cereal Killer27.10.2003 21:17
cool, try to make a set like this(mouse, speakers and maybe monitor(if you have CRT))

HAczYK27.10.2003 21:09
HAir ?? Nice Efect ;)

tossavainen27.10.2003 21:09

Nado27.10.2003 21:07
ew... hairy beast...